How to prevent senile impotence problem?

Miranda-Kerr-Sexy-Beauty-BikiniThe traditional folk belief that men in old age, means that the inevitable loss of libido and sexual dysfunction (impotence) problems. For this statement, China’s famous andrology expert Professor Lee flatly denied, he said, the age is not the only reason for impotence. In fact, the impotence is caused by many factors. In impotent crowd, there are also many young people, but the elderly prevalence rate is high. Conversely, there are many elderly with neutral normal sexual function. According to statistics, 70% men still have a regular sex life at the age of 60, even 25% of people remain sexual life at the age of 70-80 age group.

Professor Lee said, we can talk about the cause of impotence from the two aspects of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine believes that impotence is caused by psychological, physiological and social environment three factors.

The first psychological factors are including emotional stress, life stress, depression and anxiety.

The second is the main variety of physiological factors, disease factors:

1. Vascular diseases, including any may lead to reduced cavernosal artery disease, such as atherosclerosis, hyperviscosity syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, etc..

2. Endocrine disorders: mainly in male hormones cause diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, hypothalamus pituitary abnormalities and primary gonadal dysfunction reduced.

3. Neurological diseases: suffering from neurological disorders of the brain of the desire cannot fulfill sensitive and conduction to the penis.

4. Urogenital diseases: such as orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, genitourinary surgery such as transurethral resection of the prostate.

5. Drug factors: long-term use of certain drugs such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, hypnotics.

6. Other factors: such as urethral rupture, penis and testis injury, the penis itself disease etc..

The third is the social environmental factors, including marital discord, sexual intercourse environment, excessive alcohol and tobacco etc..

Professor Lee said that the impotence should name after “penis stroke”, because of its nature is similar with stroke. Stroke will cause paralysis; and penis stroke leads to weak penis cannot erect, affect sexual life. So there is no doubt that impotence is a kind of disease. Young people suffering from impotence in need of treatment, and the elderly suffering from impotence also need treatment. That understanding of the elderly suffering from importance no need treatment is wrong. It is no exaggeration to say that sexual function is the index of human health condition, and the impotence is the early signal of human aging, and the local signs of systemic disease, it suggests that men should pay attention to their physical condition, found problems in a timely manner, cannot be careless.

Talking about the treatment of elderly male impotence, Professor Lee said that for this disease, the treatment principle of the doctor is three words:

1. When you are suffering this importance problem, the patients should take the initiative to the hospital for treatment as early as possible.

2. The doctor for people suffering from impotence should actively provide treatment, because it involves problems of family happiness and social harmony.

3. According to the different condition of patients, the treatment method should be individual.

When it comes to prevent impotence, Professor Lee said, as well as other diseases, impotent also should give priority to prevention, including the following aspects:

1. Elderly men should be relaxed mood, eliminate nervous anxiety, should pay attention to find his wife and his wife often has tenderness, marital harmony, so as to achieve the desired effect.

2. should pay special attention to overcome the psychological vulnerability, many elderly people is as long as there is a failure, it will leave a shadow in the heart, the next time it is easy to repeat. So learn to overcome the psychological vulnerability, to believe in yourself and do some preparations in advance, to maintain a good state.

3. Daily diet to eat aphrodisiac related foods, such as seafood, lamb, dog meat, nuts, quit alcohol limit, maintain strong energy, lay a good foundation for the constitution.

4. Regular exercise, enhance physical fitness, it can make a lot of improvement in the conditions of impotence.

5. active treatment of the original disease, avoid these diseases lead to sexual dysfunction; at the same time in the use of drugs should be cautious, for the drug effect function must comply with the doctor’s advice, to minimize the side effects of drugs.

Professor Lee finally warned, sex and life are closely related for the whole life time. The sexual functional is similar with the physical, which is unable to save, must use in time. The elderly increases with age, sex life can be less, but never stop.

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