How to pick a good condom?

Now most men and women’s sex life is without restraint, and there are a lot of young people in sexual life didn’t think to take effective contraceptive measures, and in the absence of any contraceptive measures, then the chances of pregnancy is quite high. There are a lot of people know contraceptive measures is very important and will give oneself choose to wear condoms intercourse, but because many of them are for the first time, some don’t know what to do to choose condoms, so how to pick a good condom?

Method for selecting a good condom

How to pick a good condom?

1, look at the packaging

The condom quality inspection standards includes the length, width, the volume and pressure of blasting, storage period, pinhole test, packaging and marking etc. , but for consumers in general, from the packaging and marking identification is most practical and feasible method. The good condom will not use very explicit patterns, it is also very fine clear printing.

2, the issue of shelf life

Some people think that the condoms as food as fresh as possible, in fact, it is not. Newly manufactured condoms after adding lubricant is stored in sealed package. At this time chemical characteristics of latex determines the elasticity and texture are relatively poor. General after six months to one year after storage, latex chemical bonds break and with the lubricant occurred to a certain extent, physical or chemical reaction, condom at this time both in texture or elastic reached the best state.

How to pick a good condom?

3, pay attention to quality

High quality condoms appears milky white or slightly yellowish, uniform texture; have good elasticity and softness, completely perfectly capture close; have strong toughness and ductility, bear a long tough outbreak and friction; refreshing touch, not sticky greasy, a good wettability, brittle, yellow; after tensile resilience without deformation.

4, identify the authenticity

From the product packaging viewpoint, the box should indicate the product name, specification, registered trademarks, factory name, quantity, production date, instructions for use, packaging should indicate the product name, specifications, trademark, and factory name.

The above is on how to choose a good condoms, so we must look carefully at the selection of condoms when it is introduced in the box, these are tips for us all. We must pay attention to the storage method, if the condom is heated, then it is very easy to appear quality problem, so it is possible the occurrence of the phenomenon of contraceptive failure, we have to very careful.

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