How to make women more satisfied in bed sex?

Many couples in love, only know to do a simple piston movement, but it can only make sex life become more and more boring. The women’s genitals are not only the sensitive G-spot and clitoris, also distributed a lot of pleasure area. If you want to urge women to reach the orgasm, with pop healthy living network to learn what these skills can stimulate the pleasure!

Want to stimulate your wife sexual desire, what skills are required? The passion of experience: uncover the mystery of the G-spot

How to make women more satisfied in bed sex?

Stimulate the pleasure point is more prone to orgasm

In the impression of people, the female orgasm is always difficult to achieve, even if the man had a tremendous effort, she’s still not feel the maximum point. If you are always suffering such situation, what do your need to do? I think almost all the men know the G-spot is the most sensitive point for a woman, but women’s genitals only can stimulate the G-spot to orgasm? Of course not, in the woman’s vagina, there are more sensitive pleasure points. And at the same time, the more the excitement, the more likely the woman is on the verge of orgasm.

Stimulate the woman’s pleasure point precisely

Therefore, the piston movement is not just make the vaginal wall friction, but also the use of the glans penis to stimulate these pleasure points, so that to make much broader the scope of stimulus. The so-called rotation, twist and so on the movement of the penis, the reason why the women’s pleasure can be improved, the most important skill in this point which the women sensitive spot have been strongly simulated.

Inverse triangle motion

Because of the combination, the fulcrum is on the vaginal opening, so the rotary motion is actually the penis "inverse triangle movement", the penis with the fulcrum, as long as the scroll, like grinding rod shaking, at this time, women feel like being rotated.

The vagina should be more exciting points

The point that should be stimulated in the vagina, in general, can be divided into three kinds, that is, the abdominal wall of the vagina (vaginal anterior wall), the back of the wall of the vagina (vaginal posterior wall), the deepest part of the vagina (the mouth of the uterus). The rotational motion, claimed here, is to stimulate these points at the same time, especially the stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall, vaginal posterior wall of the necessary movement.

Skid plate fulcrum principle

Furthermore, the penis is not only about sports left to right. If it is like painting twist inverse triangle direction, then, in the vagina feeling, it will just upside down, (recall your physics class of the skid plate fulcrum principle. Ok just forget it, you never lesson to your teacher in the physical class) as in painting the normal triangle, so can moderate stimulation the three parts much better.

If you can judge the right situation, the rotary motion and piston movement to be used in combination, you can 100% control your women in the normal position of the vagina stimulation method.

How to make women more satisfied in bed sex?

How to improve the quality of sex?

1, physical health is basic, so you need the regular routine inspection. Once any problem is found, you need to face and early treatment, because when there is no health, you cannot talk about sexual harmony anymore.

2, you need to find all the sensitive areas of each other’s body, it may not only be familiar with the sex organ and the surrounding area, and after all, everyone is a different individual.

3, the foreplay is important. The slowly and gradually touch and stimulate the sensitive areas can make the sex more smoothly and with much more pleasure.

4, scientific research shows that those who have regular sex, can reduce the prevalence of a variety of diseases and depression problem, but also greatly enhance the immune system.

5, do some necessary preparation to reduce unnecessary distractions, because the sex need to devote themselves 100%, such as lock the door, close the window, turn off the TV and other interference equipment, as well as early contraception.

6, do some changes in the sex position, or change the time and place to bring some freshness, or a little romantic.

Respect her, give her a safe living space, give her your love, as long as there is love, she will give you her lifetime.

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