How to make the penis sensitive?

How to make the penis sensitive? Many people know that regular exercise can help to improve the sexy ability of men. However, few people know that the penis exercising may work better and more directly improve the sexy ability. It can strengthen the penis, make erectile nerve and tissue to become much healthy, sensitivity and feel increase in sexual intercourse.

The penis exercising basically has the following types:

First, the penis acupressure. Whether it is in a weak state, or in semi erect or erect adequately condition, repeated do hold and release action can enhance the penis, penile nerve and blood vessel activity, effectively improve the ability.

Second, the use of shower massage penis. This is the most enjoyable way. Use the nozzle to spray warm water to the end and the root of your penis, furthermore you can turn over wrapping to expose the glans. Strong pressure centralized hot water flow massage on the acupoints can directly support the erection of the ligaments and nerve activity. A better exercise effect of alternating hot and cold water shower local, but not suitable for the elderly and infirm, which may easy to catch cold.

Third, anus up movement. Do anus up movement can be active coordination of penile erection of pelvic floor muscle and ligament strength, but also can improve the blood circulation of the perineum.

Fourth, sexual intercourse. This is the most popular and normal way of penis exercise for the man.

The former three ways for the best penis exercise once a day, each time for a few minutes to ten minutes. If time is too long, too much stimulation, but will support the erection of the muscles and nerves are quite tired, can only be counterproductive, and even cause injury of penis.

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