How to make team tea?

Bag package tea is recommended to brew only one time, and the bulk of tea is not more than 3 times.

In addition to the harm to body health by the tea scale, the best times for making tea will be most nutritious, and most healthy? Pop healthy living network think many people do not know.

In the daily life some people like to make tea repeatedly, until they can’t drink any taste. But some people brew one or two times to quickly change the tea. Which of these two ways is correct, and how many times is the best choice? Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, an associate researcher at the Institute of tea Yin Junfeng said, some people like to drink light taste tea, but some people like to drink dark tea, although the taste of tea brewing times have a great relationship with different people, but from the absorption of nutrients, packaged tea is highly recommended to only brew one times, and the loose tea is not more than 3 times.

How to make team tea?

He explained that the tea contains with anti-cancer effect which is known as tea polyphenols, polysaccharides lowering blood sugar, make central nervous excitement of caffeine, and a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. How much these nutrients can precipitate, and the number of brewing has a great relationship. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the tea, the more slowly the precipitation of nutrients, the smaller the particle, the faster the precipitation.

Compared with the bulk tea, packaged tea in manufacturing through rubbing and cutting fully destroyed leaf cells, particle shape is relatively small, nutrients in tea after 3 – 5 minutes for the first time immersion, there will be 80% – 90% of the precipitation, the second after brewing, about 10% of the remaining nutrients almost all precipitation. Therefore, Yin Junfeng suggested that the best brew tea bag once, not only in the nutritional absorption of loss, it will not affect the taste. Bulk tea because of the relatively large particles, the first infusion time best point should be in 5 minutes or so, the nutrients will be 60% – 80% of the precipitation; after the second infusion, 80% – 90% of the nutrition material precipitation for the third time after brewing, nutrient leaching rate will be above 95%, to brew down, has no any nutrition role the.

How to make team tea?

As some experts pointed out that tea brewing will make one of the pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances leaching. Yin Junfeng said that although there is some truth in this statement, but do not have to worry too much. The pesticide used in the tea production in China mostly water solubility is extremely low, according to per person per day tea 10 grams of the calculation, even 1 mg / kg residue of tea brewing, intake of pesticide only 0.0001 mg is every set by the World Health Organization allowed intake of thousands of. The leaching rate of heavy metal lead in tea is relatively low, as long as the purchase of regular tea manufacturers, its content will not exceed the national standard.

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