How to make a woman feel satisfied in sex?

Understand the meaning of the partner’s sexual behavior, understand the unspoken lines of your husband, these can reduce unnecessary misunderstanding and friction in sex. Sex is the most powerful weapon that can lead a man to fall in love with you, not a tool to punish a man. A woman’s response to sex can make a man measure how much he is in your heart.

No matter how clumsy and cumbersome his way, after the beginning of sex, please follow him and encourage him, rather than give him you control order or the indifference of ridicule. He will feel the joy of being accepted in your cooperation and encouragement, and will give you a perfect husband back.

The balance of the happiness of sex should not under the price of a woman’s patience. If he does make you unhappy, you can explore and communicate with him before or after the event. Tell him which sex you missed so much, when every time you recall that memory.

How to make a woman feel satisfied in sex?

Women always say: Although I rarely orgasm in sexual life, but feel very satisfied. At most condition, this is only to comfort the man, or in order to deceive themselves. If there is a sexual orgasm, in which the smug pleasure is more fun than not orgasm, so what skills can make a woman orgasm in the sexual life?

1, passionate foreplay

Perfect sex should not be lack of foreplay, if directly start the sexual intercourse, it is difficult to make a woman orgasm. If you kiss, touch at least 10-20 minutes, the woman full sexual arousal, then in sex, women will be more likely to reach orgasm.

2, women open their eyes during sexual intercourse

Many women used to keep their eyes closed when they’re having sex. In fact, keeping in touch by eye sight with your partner can help you focus on each other and finally get orgasm. When you open your eyes, you can increase your awareness of each other and increase the sense of the sex, so you might as well try to open your eyes when you are in sex.

3, learn to control breathing when sexual intercourse

I think most people don’t know breathing can also affect sexual pleasure. If you hold your breath when you are having sex, you can’t get into the climax. Keep breathing peace all the time.

4, focus all your attention on sex

In sexual life, the distraction is the first taboo point that in the process of sexual intercourse, don’t let mind wandering, concentrate, but enjoy the pleasure of being.

5, the correct position is more prone to orgasm

Sex can be used in a lot of body position, but each woman should have her best sex position, try to figure out what kind of position is more likely to make a woman orgasm, so get into this position when the orgasm is close. Generally, women are more likely to be orgasm with up position.

6, make the pelvis close to each other

When sexual life to make women more quickly into the climax, there are some practical tips, such as make the two sides of the pelvis close to each other when sexual intercourse, so that they can make women better friction pubic clitoris and pelvis to get more pleasure.

8, grasp the appropriate sex rhythm

Women are very sensitive when they are close to a climax, and sometimes a change in the rhythm of the sexual intercourse will also make all the before efforts in vain, when women are ready to reach orgasm, grasp the right rhythm, and maintain the rhythm and intensity.

9, control ejaculation

A man must be able to recognize the feelings of trigger signal of ejaculation, and wait until he is ready. Men should learn to control the excitement, so that the orgasm can easily get at any time.

Women cannot get orgasm for every sex, so men do not insist on this point. And these methods above can make a woman quickly reach orgasm, you can have a try during your sex.

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