How to maintenance the penis of man?

How to maintenance the penis of man? The insomnia will lead a person listlessness, inattention and memory loss. More seriously, it also deprived the opportunity of the male penis maintenance to improve the sexual ability. The penis erection during the night refers to people in the sleeping spontaneous penis erection, normal men have this situation.

The erection of the times will be different from age, physical and sexual function. In general, young men at seven or eight times the erection theory will be significantly higher than the day. With the increase of age, it will gradually reduce the number of erection. Healthy old men with erectile times about two or three times every night.

A study found that when the penis erects, intracavernous oxygen tension is about 3 to 4 times than the normal states. This high oxygen tension contributes to penile endothelial cells and promote the recovery of the metabolism to normal or better function. Therefore, the doctors called this as "the penis to charge".

If a man with good sleep every night, he have several "charging" opportunity, will ensure his sexual function in a good condition. When a person is lack of sleep or sleep quality is not good, then the night penis erection will be less or even disappear. It is not difficult to imagine, these men will be erectile function reduced day by day.

In fact, in real life, not only the man who are suffering from insomnia, and the man who works during the night time also cannot get a satisfied sex life. It is easy to find that the root cause is the same. It is highly recommended that try to have a nice and high quality sleep during the night time.

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