How to judge penile development normal?

How to judge penile development normal? 1, a child said, the family all praise him that white and fine skin, but he found the testicles skin is black and wrinkled, is this normal?

Expert: This is very normal, the skin of these places needs to have a few fold, when the penis erects, which can have the change on position, make it with good moving activity. For example, the elbow, knee joint skin, when you stretch this joint, it is more wrinkled, this is flexible, and this is its physiological function, which is a very normal phenomenon.

2, there are some children whose penis has not any development, what is this situation going on? Do need to go to the hospital for some treatment?

Expert: Yes, this is also a concern disease for many parents. The penis is developed or not should confirmed through the expert examination, and the parent’s judgment is sometimes not accurate. There are two types of penis agenesis: the first is the familiar concealed penis, which means the penis hides.

Why? The baby is too fat. The child is fat, the tissue around the penis, stomach, legs, and scrotum, surrounded by the perineum where is around the accumulation of fat, and then and all there fat will bury the penis blocked. In fact, the penis is not small, but the accumulation of fat, hide it inside.

If you hold the penis with your hand and push the surrounding skin and fat back, you can see the penis. Push the fat around and the penis, and then you will find that the penis is not short at all. The concealed penis is because of the surrounding skin, subcutaneous fat, so the penis skin is like a beak wrapped around the penis. The concealed penis is usually visible as the child grows and develops.

True poor penis development is hardly, and most does not need special treatment, most of them can grow up slowly. Indeed, if the penis is poorly developed confirmed by doctor examination, some medications will be available before the age of eight. After eight years old if the penis is still not obviously visible, that need surgical treatment. So do not worry too much, mostly the child is concealed penis.

There is also a small penis, only slightly larger as peanuts. Adults don’t judge their children by their own standards, due to the situation is very different for everyone. In fact most children have only the size of a peanut. Testicular development is actually very important, for example, some people are poor pituitary function, it will cause penile dysplasia, and by the age of ten, the penis is still not developed. In this case, the doctor can suggest that he use some gonadotropin therapy to see if the penis has developed. If the child’s penis size is really uncertain, and very concerned about it, may wish to take him to the specialist hospital, for doctor’s examination, and in fact that most of them are no problem.

3, there is a boy to reflect that the glans of the penis is always itching, so what should I do?

Expert: he must be hard to say. The glans of the penis is itchy, and some are caused by the mind. Itching caused by diseases of the male genitalia is rare. For example, except the sexually transmitted diseases, because he is a boy, he itches like you pay too much attention to this thing, and it may make it seem outstanding. Another is to pay attention to wear no irritating underwear, fit cotton underwear, to reduce the stimulation of the penis.

Infection of mould in the penis can cause itching, but the infection of mould is very rare, which can use medicaments to treat. Adolescent children are also interested in the rapid development during this period and he might be very concerned about their genital organs. Even some people may have some abnormal behavior, such as we have just said a three years old children love to play his penis, and take a small hoop put on which will be great risk.

A high school boy found a condom in the roadside, and he is very curious to put it on his penis. A later feel particularly worried, repeated washing penis, and even want to use some topic drugs after washing, due to he feel very uncomfortable penis. In this case, most of the comfortable problem is just cause by mind worrying.

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