How to identify delayed sexual development in men?

How to identify delayed sexual development in men? Puberty is like a skilled magician, it can make the child into handsome man or very pretty and charming girl. These changes are the result of a dramatic increased sex hormones levels in the body. According to the study, testicular secretion of testosterone increased dramatically in the puberty development stage, testosterone in the blood can be increased by more than ten times. These testosterone will make boys with androgen muscles, wide shoulder, wide hip, deep voice, beard growth, external genitalia development, showing a male body.

Some of the boys appeared a shrill voice in adolescence, no beard, pubic hair and armpit hair, sexual organs like children, which indicated that they are lack of male hormone in vivo, and it may the puberty is not yet in place, which is not necessarily abnormal. The age of puberty development is influenced by many factors, such as heredity, physique, nutrition, health condition and geographical condition, and there is great individual difference. According to summary, the puberty development of boys usually begins at 10~14 years old, and gradually improves in 5 years. Therefore, if a boy under 14 years of age is not developed, there is no apparent abnormality of the body, so you can observe with a little more attention. If the age is over 14 years old, there is no sign of puberty, or from puberty to the development of genital organs, perfect for more than 5 years, should be regarded as delayed puberty sexual development. However, most adolescents can eventually achieve normal development. Only a small number of children suffer from hypogonadism due to a disease of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonad. The disease is hard to cure without treatment.

Here’s an easy way to identify, that is, regular systematic measurements of the testis. We know that the boy’s puberty posture change of the earliest is the testis began to enlarge. The childhood each testicular volume is only 2~3 cubic centimeters, aged 8~10 began to increase, 10~12 years has exceeded more than 5 cubic centimeters. In puberty, the boy’s testicles increase rapidly until 15~25 cubic centimeters. Therefore, testicular variation is a sensitive indicator of pubertal development in boys. If the boy is 8~10 years old, the testes are growing up, indicating normal development, and if the testes have more than 5 cubic centimeters in volume, this suggests that the dramatic changes in adolescence may come within a year. But if not together with the following circumstances in the development:

(1) without any performance of puberty age 16;

(2) testicular is smaller than 2 cubic centimeters or penis is shorter than 3 cm;

(3) with hypospadias, cryptorchidism and genital malformations;

(4) loss of olfactory, color blindness, cleft lip, cleft palate, congenital heart disease or breast hyperplasia and other physical abnormalities, should be timely check, see sexual gland hypofunction.

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