How to grasp the distance between women and men in the workplace?

Distance is a physical phenomenon, but also a kind of interpersonal knowledge, which is the office necessary problem. In the small office space, crowded, physical distance and psychological how to grasp the right distance? And deliberately keep a distance with the colleagues would be considered too cold; but too close may bear the charges of sexual harassment.

Distance is not only a physical problem, but also a very profound question of the interaction between the psychological, social, and human. The distance between the opposite sex colleagues is more complex and subtle. In the 21st century, work exchanges is very frequent between the different sex colleagues, so it really can’t to judge with the old measures. Even if married, it does not mean that need to keep a distance from the opposite sex. Refusing to get along with the opposite sex is not just like a modern man, it is more likely to interfere with the role of the workplace. We must also admit that there is usually a more pleasant and harmonious work space than a single gender. Perhaps the high efficiency of modern organizations has great relationship with the large number of women put into career. If you want to re segregation of the sexes, it is not only not reasonable, but also cannot be. Deliberately alienated is also the good choice. The opposite sexes always need to communicate, and the two sexes work together can improve the efficiency of the work, so the two sexes must not adopt isolation strategies, and must find a good way to make the two sexes to get along well with.

How to grasp the distance between women and men in the workplace?

Because of the opposite sex, there are a lot of differences opinions in many things. If you are an open minded person in front of the opposite sex, you will find that you are much loved in the opposite sex. Because most people have no sense of rejection to the opposite sex, and like to help the opposite sex workers, they see it as a sign of a sense of accomplishment in a colleague. Everyone hopes to be attached to the opposite sex and admiration, if you pay attention to learn the strengths of others, then he can learn from each working partner who are different to help their own development strengths. Usually pay attention to observe other people’s strengths, do not care about other people’s shortcomings, will feel good to get along with colleagues.

How to grasp the distance between women and men in the workplace?

Both colleagues and friends, there is a common language. If you do not want the development of this relationship to lovers, it should be emotional involvement limited in the range of friendship, even very good impression, also should not be revealed. If the person shot to Cupid, it should be resolved wisely. Do not give each other with tacit approval and encouragement.

It is very important principle in working contacts with the opposite sex taking generous, not frivolous attitude of the opposite sex. Including two aspects of behavior and speech. Dealing with some of the issues in the office will make some complex things simple, with respect to the relationship between the other partner and the opposite sex. Do not deal with the office of the opposite sex relationship into a similar "love relationship", do not develop into a more intimate relationship with the opposite sex.

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