How to effectively clean the penis in daily life?

How to effectively clean the penis in daily life? In order to prevent the male reproductive system disease, it is better to form the habit of regular penis cleaning. Why? It started from the male genital structure. The most significant part of male genital is the penis, and the penis skin is thin and can be moved.

The skin of the penis is folded as double at penis glans called penis foreskin. Before the age of 7, the penis foreskin is longer, which can completely encase glans and the mouth of urethral outside. With the development of puberty, the penis size is lengthened, the foreskin will turn back to expose the penis glans when be adult.

However, about 30% of the adult foreskin is completely cover the glans of the penis, and the head of the penis and urethra can show only when tune down the foreskin by hand or when the penis erects adequately, so this is termed as a prepuce. When the foreskin is too long, too tight, which cannot be turned down, or still cannot exposed glans and urethral mouth when erect, it is called phimosis, accounted for 8%.

The foreskin sebaceous glands will secrete a surprise smelly white secretion, and it will be not easy to discharge out when suffering the redundant prepuce or phimosis situation, and long-term stockpile can become smegma. Furthermore, plus the remaining urine or semen drops, it is easy susceptible to bacterial growth, cause glans and wrapping inflammation, resulting in itching.

If you do not pay attention to penis daily cleaning, it can cause sexual pain, wrapping and glans adhesion, and also interfere with the sexual life, and even lead cancer of the penis. According to statistics, more than 90% of penile cancer is caused by redundant prepuce or phimosis.

In addition, because the smegma long-term stimulation, if you do not pay attention to daily cleaning, then the skin defense function will related decline, are also vulnerable to infectious pathogens. Therefore, to develop the daily cleaning habits of the external genital organs for men, is very important. Then how to clean in a right way?

In the bath, tune down the glans foreskin with hand, to remove the accumulated dirt and sebum.

Because the foreskin inside is much thinner than the outside, it is very sensitive to chemical cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning wrapping glans, it is recommended to use running water only as daily washing.

If you use soap to wash during shower, and not rinse bubble totally, there are a lot of people will appear wrapping glans allergic reaction, and feel discomfort.

In case of inflammation caused by wrapping and glans due to dirt accumulation, it is available to sue special vulva disinfection liquid medicine for cleaning, and it is necessary to visit your doctor when the situation is serious.

If it is phimosis, are often unable to thoroughly clean the smegma, even over wrapping, but also prone to incarcerated foreskin, recommend to apply circumcision operation as early as possible.

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