How to drink tea properly?

12 grams per day will be the most suitable number.

Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences associate professor Jiang Heyuan suggested that, for the normally person, a day of 12 grams tea, 3 ~ 4 times tea making is suitable. Eat more greasy food, and a large amount of people may be appropriate to increase the amount of tea. Pregnant women and children, neurasthenia, tachycardia, the amount of tea should be properly reduced. Han Chi is a reminder, with the popularity of Kung Fu tea, people drink tea more and more hot, and it is totally wrong. The people drinking tea is looking for health, drink hot tea, will increase the incidence of cancer and esophageal cancer. The best temperature of tea should be about 60 degrees Celsius, not more than 70.

How to drink tea properly?

In addition, you can drink different tea at different time during a day. In the early morning to drink a cup of light tea, which can make your mind clear. Morning drink jasmine tea, fragrance is pleasant, improve work efficiency; drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon, refreshing predicament; night reunite with family or friends, bubble a pot of Oolong tea, which have some fun to affect sleep.

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