How to determine the penis flexibility?

How to determine the penis flexibility? Clinical doctors often measure impotence patient’s penis stretch length, in fact it is measuring the penis actually flexibility. The patients themselves can also do such measurement at home by themselves.

The usual method is to measure the normal length of the penis, with one hand to support the penis, with the other hand to take a ruler to measure the length from the glans to the penis root, which is the length before the pulling. Then pull the penis at the maximum level, then measured penis length again, then is length after pulling. The difference between the two lengths reflects the expansion performance of penis.

The better penis elastic, the difference between the two is bigger, and then the better elastic penile erectile ability will be. When the difference between the two is small, the erectile ability is worse. The increased length after traction is less than the 2/3 of the original length, there may exist organic problems, especially should pay attention on the cavernous fibrosis problem.

Of course, this measurement was just a very rough testing. But it can reflect the rough state of your penis states.

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