How to determine male penile scalability?

How to determine male penile scalability? The first measurement is on the normal penis length, with one hand support your penis, with the other hand to measure the penis length from the root to the glans point with a ruler, which is normal state length. Then pull the penis to the utmost and measure the length of the penis again, which is the length after the pulling. The difference between the two reflects the scalability of the penis.

The better the scalability of the penis, the greater the difference between the two result, and the erectile ability is better. On the contrary, the penis scalability is worse, the difference between the two smaller, and the erectile ability is also worse. When the length of penis increases less than 2/3 of the original length is less than the original length after pulling, there may be organic problems, especially those with severe complications such as high fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum.

Of course, this measurement was just a very easy method. But the results has certain significance meaning for patients who want to do the penile prosthesis surgery, that is to say, if the difference between the two is too small, they must be treated with negative pressure suction treatment before surgery, which helps to restore the penis or elastic scalability, can ensure the operation in choosing the appropriate length of the prosthesis, so as to ensure the quality and effect of operation, otherwise, the scalability is very poor situation, may choose the shorter postoperative prosthesis, prosthesis may be caused by the short glans bending phenomenon, only re-operation can be corrected.

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