How to define the small penis size?

How to define the small penis size? Many men and women wrote to ask similar questions that how to define the real small penis size. In order to answer this question, we must first make clear that what is not normal penis size? Secondly to understand the small penis size is belong to abnormal development, or within the normal range of individual differences?

In order to further explain the reasons of the penis different size problem, let us review the occurrence and development process of the penis. For convenience, we divide it into four stages:

(1) The 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, the penis just well differentiated, only 3.5 mm long, then the role of hCG in effect generated by the placental secretion of testosterone.

(2) The middle duration of pregnancy, about 6 months later, the penis grow fast, was reached 2.5-3.5 cm, then the fetal pituitary gonadotropin secretion to LH and FSH.

(3) after birth to adolescence about 7 years old, the penis grows slowly, this is because the hypothalamus and pituitary development is slow, because of their low testosterone levels.

(4) after the enter the puberty, testosterone and pituitary secretion, the penis grows rapidly, only 5 years or so have reached adult levels, including the length and thickening growth. When the elderly sex hormone levels decreased significantly after castration or surgery, the penis can be secondary degeneration. If after the secondary impotence stop contact for many years, may also cause pathological degradation, this is not the general said the disuse, but smooth muscle fiber degeneration consequences.

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