How to deal with the non-normal erectile penis?

How to deal with the non-normal erectile penis? I’m a 17 year old high school student. For nearly a year, I’ve been worried about the erection of my penis. When I get up in the morning and squeeze the bus, it will stand up so that it will makes me into some very embarrassing situation. This is some disease situation? How can I deal with such situation?

Peking Union Medical College Hospital Department of Urology, deputy director Mr. Li: it is not a disease situation but it is a common situation for puberty embarrassment. Adolescent men are affected by just elevated androgen levels and are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. It is pretty normal that the penis erection after stimulation, it is not a disease, but also not the shameful thing, so you don’t need to feel ashamed.

Early morning erection is a physiological phenomenon that occurs spontaneously in all men with normal sexual functioning. It is a manifestation of sexual maturity and health. In the face of the public suffered embarrassment, I think you should first check whether they are wearing tight pants, jeans, or penile friction when crowded in bus or subway, these two factors may lead to easy erection. If you can make the exclusion of these factors, you can take the following methods to overcome this problem. The first method is to divert attention, dedication to do something which you really interested, and do not have to pay attention to their erectile problems. The second is found a pee when erect, because usually in urine after emptying the bladder, the penis will naturally dropped.

There is a beggar near John’s residence. When he was young, he asked his parents why he was a beggar. They replied, "He drinks heavily." John asked again why he was drinking, and they replied, "That’s his hobby." Over the age of twelve, a friend of John tell him the truth, that the beggar called Baraka, because his penis is too big then he worry it too much. It is a very unbelievable issue.

After entering the puberty, john had many illusions about the story. A few years later, his father told him the truth, and he finally buy it. His father said that in his times, Baraka was ashamed of having a big penis, and if anyone wanted to see it, he would have to pay him a pound each time. If Barack is born in 80s, he is highly to be a reputed international gigolo. If he was a young man in 90s, he would be a superstar of porn. Because of the trend in recent years, the large penis seems to reflect masculinity.

Do women care about penis size?

How to deal with the non-normal erectile penis? Most people believe that the big penis can attract more attention of women, and it is true that large penis can really shock your partner. A large, hard and long lasting penis can brings more sexual pleasure. Furthermore, there is another truth that the sexual pleasure is not proportional to the penis size.

Experts pointed out that to understand what can be called as big and what can be called as small, it should be illustrated with specific figures, which can eliminate men’s sense of instability. The average length of a none erect penis is less than nine centimeters. The average length of erect penis is fifteen centimeters or more, the diameter is about four centimeters. To be frank, if the penis is less than ten centimeters long, which can be defined as small, and the length of erection is twenty centimeters or more, which is large.

Men secretly compare their penises with others in public showers, which has no any meaning. Because the soft penis is highly different than the erect penis. The size of the penis is much smaller when it comes to erections.

Penis size is not related to sexual ability

Many studies have shown that men with large penises do not necessarily have more sexual urges, more erections, and greater fecundity than men with small penises. The only real difference is psychological: men who own small penis are lack of confidence in themselves.

Some women, especially those with asexual experience, often worry that large penises will enlarge their vagina or worry that their vagina is not tight enough to fit a small penis. Experts pointed out that since the vagina is suitable for stuffing small items such as tampons, or to expand the baby born, so, it can be clamped any size penis.

Female orgasm has nothing to do with penis size?

How to deal with the non-normal erectile penis? It’s like you’re tightening the tampon, but you’re not excited. Experts pointed out that the female orgasm center is clitoral, so his penis size does not play 100% factor on the climax. The key point is that whether to stimulate your clitoris when he pushed in and out. Of course, the size of the penis is appropriate, so that your vagina has a proper sense of fullness.

However, sexual arousal is more than mechanical stimulation. The sexual fantasy, visual stimulating, or foreplay also play very important role in the sexual arousal. The more excited you are, the more your vagina grows, expands, and lubricate, and the more it fits into any size of penis. Experts believe that, regardless of whether men or women do not have to worry about the size of the penis, if it is not really too small or too large.

The expansion of the penis is not due to the actual existence of the sperm, but because of the nerve response to the blood vessels, resulting in the filling of the penis vessels, mainly venous vessels filled, the artery is much less. As the blood continues to enter the penile venous system and stays there, it fills the veins with blood until the penis becomes hard.

When the male’s organs become hard, it can move into the female vagina, where the friction between them produces a further stimulus that causes the sperm to pass through the penis in their seminal vesicles. It can be seen that penile erection do not necessarily have to be alleviated by ejaculation. When restricting the nervous excitement pasted, just by itself the excess blood flowing back into the whole body blood circulation system, erection penis will return to normal, so that the erect penis atrophy and ptosis, without the slightest semen excretion. This can occur naturally and benefit man’s health when nerves are stabilized by physical reasons or by the peace and sublimation of the mind. In the course of beginning ejaculation and in the process of ejaculation to reach the excitement peak, and once it begins, it is completely involuntary, and the sperm and their secretions go out of the body.

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