How to deal with mosquito? Five tips for summer mosquito

During the summer time, the mosquito is coming into our house, which is extremely hateful. So how to deal with the mosquitoes at hone has already become the critical problem for most family during the summer time. In this article, there are some useful tips for your reference.

How to prevent mosquito bites?

1, it is better not to use soap for your summer shower

Generally speaking, the mosquito likes flowers honeydew. Therefore, use perfume, cosmetics, creams and other scented items, the probability of mosquito bites will rise. However, not all of the flavor will provoke mosquitoes, such as men commonly used in colognes with sandalwood, which can repellent anti effect.

How to deal with mosquito? Five tips for summer mosquito

2, eat more vegetables

Vegetables contains some smell which the mosquitoes do not like, such as those containing carotene vegetables and garlic spicy flavor vegetables. After people eat, mosquitoes will be far from you.

3, wearing light colored clothes

Aedes (also known as Hua Ban mosquito), the most like parked in black clothes.

How to deal with mosquito? Five tips for summer mosquito

4, as far as possible to wear socks

Many girls like to wear shoes without socks. They do not know that after wear socks, mosquito cannot feel much skin humidity, and the volatile matter, which will reduce the bite rate.

5, do not be caught after being bitten

After scratching, the skin tissue fluid, lymph and oozy, swollen into a blister, will catch more and more, but also not easy to resolve. If you insist on not grasping, generally 10 to 15 minutes later, itching can obviously subside.

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