How to create a more romantic atmosphere for sex?

Do you feel bored with the same sex every day? In fact, there are a lot of new sexual love play, a variety of small fun small ambiguous will be endless out of your imagination, which is depending on you. If you are too lazy to use your brains to make your own sex innovation, please don’t mind, pop healthy living network know the young people are busy on working, the author already have made good strategy for you, as long as follow up below methods of sex, your sex life will be wonderful and moving, unlimited fun!

How to create a more romantic atmosphere for sex?

1 accept a different sex proposal

Sex therapists say that sex should be open, put down the moral judgment, listen to your heart’s desires and respect your partner’s preferences, so that two people will find a more interesting world of sex.

2 innovative spirit

Dr. Pepper Schwarz, a sex and family therapist, says it’s important to be creative and explore new ways to add fun to sex and be a good partner. For example, sofa cushions and bras can add more fun to sex.

3 often thinking about sex

Dr. Ian Coene said that sex has a great psychological component, so to allow yourselves to think about sex, do not refrain. There is a connection between the brain and sexual desire, so it’s often thought about sex can help improve your sex life, but remember that it is limited to the relationship between husband and wife.

4 dedication to lover

Pay more attention to meet the sexual needs of your lover, which will make your sexual performance better, but also make the relationship between the two more harmonious. Dr. Coene said, such as your lover prefer the morning sex or want to change another sex position, then “selfless generosity” to meet each other, he (she) will be reciprocated to make sex fun.

How to create a more romantic atmosphere for sex?

Tips for boosting sex stimulation

1 a candle to create sex atmosphere

Light a candle, create the romantic atmosphere. The survey shows that a woman in a specifically atmosphere which the man created for her will be more susceptible, and the women also love to create an atmosphere to provoke a man. A candle is that men and women are more loving atmosphere, not only can increase the romantic, but also can make each other much closer, and also in the candle lighting, both physically and mentally will be more relaxed, the body contour is more beautiful, the two sides can enjoy the fun of sex more. Candle with orange and lavender incense is a better choice, which contains the essential oils can reduce anxiety, make people happy.

2 buy an eye patch to enjoy the game

Buy an eye patch and play a romantic game. In the foreplay, you can let the other lying in bed, put on the eye patch and then on him to do some small action, such as kissing. Because he or she can’t see you, don’t know you kiss the next site where will be, so the excitement will be more intense.

3 only a towel after bathing

Only a towel after bathing, it will be more sexy. According to a survey, the women only with a towel after bathing are more likely to provoke a man’s sex drive. Women may wish to conduct a short shower before sex, not only to maintain health, but also allows men to wait for to arouse a gradual desire. When he saw you wrapped in towels, it is believed that he is estimated to have been anxious to stop.

4 drink a cup of wine amorous

Drink a cup of wine, which can make an amorous feelings. A woman after drink a little red wine, can be just perfect to show charming and sexy, and men also love to see more amorous woman after drink. Red wine, not only let the woman keep a sex in shyness, but also fulfill the customers due regardless of personal danger and wild.

5 put a mirror to enjoy the climax

Set up a mirror to improve sexual excitement. Do you want to know what it is like to have sex? If you can see yourself will be more exciting? May wish to install a mirror in the bedroom, it is best in front of the bed, the whole sex can be observed and re-understanding of each other’s body, improve the excitement. Studies have shown that women are more likely to reach orgasm in the mirror.

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