How to correctly use the refrigerator? Refrigerator correct use method tips

1, thermostat knob scale 0-7, 0 is shut down, 7 is strong cold down, and 1 to 6 is more and more frozen.

2, the temperature range of the refrigerator freezer room is -4~-24 degree (three stars -18 degrees, four stars -24 degrees), the temperature range of the cold storage room is 5~15 degrees.

3, mechanical thermostat regulation, the freezing room temperature and cold room temperature change at the same time.

4, refrigerator is a tool to provide food preservation, but different food needs of the preservation temperature is different, and therefore should be based on the type of food stored to set the temperature of the refrigerator. Such as green leafy vegetables 12 degrees, tropical fruit 10 degrees, 8 degrees for cooked food, drinks and beer 4, – 18 degrees for fresh meat, fish and shrimp 0 degrees.

How to correctly use the refrigerator? Refrigerator correct use method tips

5, if the summer temperature exceeds 30 degrees, which is more than the design capacity of the refrigerator, set the temperature to increase a little high to prevent the compressor running all the time leading to the freezing room icing serious, this is the sacrifice function to ensure the normal use of the refrigerator.

6, in winter time, the environment will affect the temperature control system to work properly, it is necessary to open the refrigerator temperature compensation switch. Furthermore, outside the winter season, the switch must be closed, otherwise the compressor does not stop leading to excessive cooling.

7, food storage is best to use plastic wrap or fresh box, which can effectively prevent the refrigerator odor generation.

8, bottled liquid food should not allowed to be frozen, the ice pressure will break the glass bottle.

9, the hot food must not be placed in the refrigerator.

10, storage of food should not be too full, too tight, to leave a space, to facilitate the cold air convection, reducing unit load, prolong the service life of the refrigerator, to save electricity.

How to correctly use the refrigerator? Refrigerator correct use method tips

11, the cooked food and raw material should not be mixed together, in order to maintain health. According to the food storage time, temperature requirements, reasonable use of space, not directly put the food on the evaporator surface, to be placed in the container, so as not to freeze in the evaporator, inconvenient to take out.

12, fresh fish, meat should use plastic bags in the freezer storage. Vegetables, fruits should dry the surface water.

13, do not to put the drink bottled liquid in the freezer room to avoid the cracking bottles. Should be put in the refrigerator, with the temperature of about 4 DEG C for the best storage.

14, storage of food refrigerator should not store the chemical drugs at the same time.

15, tea, cigarettes, drugs stored in the refrigerator, which can be 18 months without deterioration.

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