How to conquer the woman by touching the chest?

Arousal effect when excited

The soft touch between husband and wife is the important means to get satisfaction of sexual intercourse, and the key parts are including the neck chest etc.. The reason is the chest part is the women’s sensitive area, as the skin nerve endings are densely covered and sensibility, so it can easily excited by touching. So the female chest not only can stimulate man senses, but can also accept the stimulation to cause own excitement.

How to conquer the woman by touching the chest?

Women get pleasure channels

The chest is an important channel for women to get pleasure, but also the key points of each other passion. The chest caress is the feelings of the gift, the spirit enjoyment. Most women would like their lover to give her touching, even if slightly uncomfortable also can endure.

"Desire" critical point

After the male and female hugging and kissing, and then touching the chest can fully increase the women’s desire, arousal excited. During the excited process, chest gland ducts and vascular congestion, swelling, internal fiber appears involuntary contraction, leading to an overall increase in size, this is due to the body of the hormone temporarily when sexual intercourse increased.

How to conquer the woman by touching the chest?

The breast will appear some "blush"

Women will have very pleasant feelings, and suggests that the female body is ready. Some women after touching the chest can achieve the excitement. In the excitement period, some women’s breasts and chest wall skin will appear "flush". Generally it starts in the abdomen, and then quickly spread to the chest and chest wall, and it also can appear in other parts of the body.

How to conquer the woman by touching the chest?

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