How to become bed master? Sexual skills for sharing

Sex skills are summed up through their own experience, of course, two people alone in the room wondering what skills better, at least a few months to summarize a little better sex methods and techniques. But maybe you want to know how to become the master with great sex skills in short time. So let us following the below guider.

First of all, many inexperienced young men commit a fault that is when the penis is inserted into the vagina, they immediately began to twist waist, hard piston import until ejaculation. Are not these men do not care about the partner’s feelings, in the love process, he is also frequently ask his girlfriend: “comfortable?” But this question is like your girlfriend asked you: “dear, is that new clothes beautiful?” There is only one answer for such question.

How to become bed master? Sexual skills for sharing

One, find the sensitive point

In fact, there are many sensitive point distributing in the vagina. While these pleasure point caused more women orgasm frequency will come soon.

So the piston movement is not only for the friction of vaginal wall, but should use the glans to stimulate these sensitive point, and also to make the stimulus range more widely. The key point of the rotary motion and the so-called twist penis movement, which makes women more pleasure to ascend, is the most important skill. Furthermore, you should pay attention on the right way of the rotate movement.

Because of the combination of the two people, the fulcrum in the vagina point, so the rotary motion is actually the penis “inverse triangle movement”. So when the penis with the fulcrum, as long as the scroll, like grinding rod shaking. At this time, women feel as if is a kind of rotation penis.

Two, sensitive point position

In general, the vagina can be divided into three types of the sensitive points, including the ventral wall of the vagina (anterior vaginal wall), vaginal wall crest dorsal (posterior vaginal wall), and the deepest point of vaginal (cervix). Rotary motion mentioned here, is also to stimulate these points, especially the stimulation of anterior vaginal wall, an indispensable part of posterior vaginal wall.

Furthermore, the penis is not only about horizontal motion only. If it is twisted like painting inverse triangle of words, then, in the vagina feeling, it will just reversed, like seemed to draw normal triangle, so, it can moderate stimulation the three parts together.

How to become bed master? Sexual skills for sharing

Three, riding posture

When the women do not take the initiative to twist the body, men can seize the female buttocks, waist to stimulus males occasionally. As the painting circle like make it twist.

Take the riding posture, the biggest characteristic is that the female can free twisting, savoring the pleasure, so take the riding posture, usually, men do not need to make the rotary motion. However, if the female is too passive, so men can do rotation movement below, and of course it will be able to arouse the women enthusiasm.

The same situation as the sitting posture, supporting women’s ass, rotating binding sites. However, take the riding posture, male waist is more activities than the sitting situation. Therefore, men may occasionally buttocks lifted up, in order to increase the depth of the vaginal stimulation, to make women more intense pleasure.

In short, no matter what the occasion, please stop the intense action. Slow and time-consuming procedure, for women, will get greater effect. Too much intense action will make the penis midway slip out, and it was kind of boring.

How to become bed master? Sexual skills for sharing

Four, with a sitting posture

Supporting women’s ass, with their pelvic around as the goal, slowly shaking the female buttocks. Because the woman sitting in the male body, of course, there is no way to shake the male penis. If you want to do this exercise, the male can support women hips by hand, and the use of roll grinding rod way to shake the female buttocks, so it can achieve the same effect.

Then, the principle is the same, with the binding site as the support point, triangle formed between and his pelvis, like painting inverse triangle like rock your hips are the main secret. At this time, men can also with the women’s movement, twist the waist to stimulate more deepen, and if that goes well, three points inside the vagina can stimulation.

Five, back posture

In order to avoid intense exercise make the penis slip out of the vagina, must be hand clutched the waist. Do not make the penis slide out from the vagina, and shaking the waist with left and right pelvis as the goal.

On the three point of stimulation in the vagina’s point of view, back type posture is the most suitable posture to attack the three points.

Originally back type posture is very easy to stimulate the anterior vaginal wall, not only that, because the action is more free and unrestrained, so easy to shake the penis, which can be the stimulation to the depths of the vagina.

If you really can not grasp the sex tips, you may wish to use LELO produced fun activities enhance the foreplay time, and then through the fun activities to increase women’s sensitivity, so that even if the technology is not in place, your women can also experience unusual climax.

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