How to adjust the couple sex fatigue problem?

The so-called sexual fatigue refers to the original harmony between husband and wife life, after living together for a long time, the sex life is difficult to find the pleasure as the past. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the familiar the lover body, the tension of the pace of life, heavy work pressure or the burden of the family will make the kind of adolescent sexual desire. How to adjust this kind of sexual fatigue problem? Here are a few things that might help you.

Regular sexual life

For some couples, once sex a month is enough for both sides satisfied, and some people may need four or five times a week, so the conditions are totally different for each couples. This is an individual difference, cannot be forced to be uniform. As long as the two sides understand each other, say what you feel, and then can get good sexual activity.

How to adjust the couple sex fatigue problem?

Emotional contact is not necessarily sexual behavior

It is generally believed by most men that sexual contact between men and women must be sexual in bed, which is wrong. Sexual life includes many aspects, not necessarily accompanied by sexual excitement. Women are most aware of the fact that as long as there is a certain sense of care can also enough to get some pleasure.

Proceed sex in a planned way

Sexual life should also be planned, only in this way we can have a tacit understanding between lovers. In fact, setting of sex life plan is also a very sensual enjoyment.

These habits can make the sex life of the husband and wife to maintain a lasting freshness, so that sex is more interested in the sexual life, husband and wife can also be coordinated, so that both sides are satisfied.

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