How many female moans have you known?

A woman’s satisfied moans is a catalyst for men’s sexual impulse, which can more passion for sex. Do you know how many female moans are? So let’s go for more detail information.

1 Normal type with basic sound: “Oh…… Oh…… Oh……”

Analysis: this type of female, exposed with the excellent traditional culture which is a type as an understanding wife and loving mother. They think that they should do the obligations of marriage, which is to meet her husband in the bed. So they use the most traditional tone groan until her husband reached a climax, after the satisfied ejaculation.

Note: this type of girl is not to consider: whether or not their own climax.

How many female moans have you known?

2 abused type with basic sound: “No!…… No!…… No!”

Analysis: do not call the police, this is not rape crime. This kind of woman has a certain degree of psychological tendency of so-called masochism. This type girl is not suitable with sex love. Other possible reason may be: first, the man’s body is too fat, almost crushed into broken bones. Two, was scared by the male too long size.

3.YES type with basic sound: “OH…… N…… Ye…… Ye…… Ye…… Yes……”

Analysis: this type of moans is very interesting and wonderful as a beautiful song.  In fact, there are very few girls in japan like this type.

Most of this type is on the girls who with blue eyes and golden hair. But there are three exceptions: first, nice looking Japanese Americans. Two, fans of American adult films.

4 ladies type with basic sound: “well…… Well… Um……”

Analysis: this type always with good family education. Therefore, even if she was a strong stimulation, she can suppress the volume, only in the throat and a continuous vague voice, to convey the joy.

Remark: if the boy does not dig his ears clean, he is afraid of hearing. Most girls in Japan should belong to this type.

5 collision type with basic sound: “oh…… Touch! Oh…… Oh…… Touch!”

Analysis: this type has the regional feature.

6 Dull type with basic sound:”……” yes there is no sound

Analysis: the individual is really boring, there is no sound anymore. The possible reasons are still under digging.

Note: according to statistics, that at least more than half Japanese girls are belong to this type.

7 crazy female type with basic sound: “fast, fast! Oh oh…… Once again, oh, oh……”

Analysis: This is the bed slut in a man dream. But this type girl is not easy to deal with in bed, the man should have big enough powerful weapon. This type of girl is young, energetic, dynamic, and bold.

8 wonderful type basic sound: “oh…… Oh…… Sweetheart, really. Oh…… Oh…… You’re much better than him…”

Analysis: this woman can be said to be the most honest. Just sing out some please words, and immediately released some bad ones. This situation occurs mostly in HOTEL.

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