How does liver disease lead to impotence?

800px_COLOURBOX3831641About sports, in addition to acute liver disease, in general, taking a certain amount of exercise is beneficial for rehabilitation. The most suitable choice of sports should be simplified Chinese Taiji boxing, this sport is really good for convalesce conditioning liver disease, one hand can restore the physical strength and improve physical fitness, on the other hand, some people think of Taiji boxing itself also has the effect to cure chronic liver disease.

About the daily diet, basically normal diet can be considered during the liver disease recovery period, but for stimulating food, fried food and high-fat food to eat as little as possible, especially should immediately quit smoking and drinking. Alcoholism itself cause impotence or loss of libido may have toxic effects on the liver, therefore, it is better to do not drink. Some special medicine can also be used when necessary to regulate impotence caused by liver disease.

About the psychological problems, the patients with liver disease, impotence and hormone levels change in most relevant, psychological factors also occupies a proportion to cause impotence. When it comes to sexual activity, they are under huge psychological burden for fear of aggravating liver problem, and over the long term, it will inevitably lead to liver disease after rehabilitation of mental pressure. Although, liver disease recovery convalesce is fundamental, but in fact, there are still many men keep regular sexual activities. What trouble can bring liver disease recovery by sexual activities, there is no recognized and related research conclusions. We suggest patients with liver disease who still has sexual ability is feasible for appropriate some sexual activities, and may bring many benefits for liver disease patients psychological pressure, but do not have sharp frequency. However, for those patients with liver disease or liver disease has been restored, the impotence problem is still there, need some psychotherapy and counseling treasures, which will achieve good results.

The above three aspects to talk about some views from the liver disease, and liver disease and impotence rehabilitation should also be pay high attention.

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