How do the runners eat breakfast?

People who are healthy and have a clear purpose usually have a menu for a healthy diet, such as not eating fat, etc.. However, the big goal is usually hard to achieve, therefore, it is better to do some minor changes, gradually develop good health habits.

Eat three kinds of food for breakfast

The researchers found that people who ate breakfast were less likely to be overweight than those who did not eat breakfast. However, many breakfast cereals and other foods containing high carbohydrate, but the lack of other elements, this food cannot resist hunger for a long time.

How do the runners eat breakfast?

Therefore, the ideal breakfast should contain lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Among them, the fat helps the body to maintain a sense of satiety, carbohydrates can provide fast energy to supplement the body needs, while the protein helps the muscle repair and growth, but also slow digestion, people cannot easily become hungry.

Eat more agricultural products and without meat a day every week

Eating too much meat may lead to excessive intake of saturated fat, increase the risk of heart disease, but only one day a week do not eat meat, you can ensure that the reduced fat mass, and add other protein containing foods, such as tofu, beans, nuts, etc.. According to the University of Pennsylvania Dr. Christine Clark that is Vegetable and Fruit movement of the body a variety of beneficial chemical elements and reduce the risk of inflammation in healthy cells, and their heat is not high, but rich in cholesterol, blood sugar control fiber.

Not just drink milk can add calcium

Calcium is known to make bones stronger and prevent fractures. Because milk is a calcium rich beverage, it is a good method for adding calcium, a cup of milk can become a recovery drink after exercise. However, calcium is not only in the milk, such as green vegetables, fruits, special fruit juice, tofu and soy milk is also a rich source of calcium.

How to eat sweets healthy

It is not necessary for many healthy eaters to give up sweets, and runners can choose a diet that provides the body with a healthy diet. For example, apple pie and cinnamon yogurt, or with melted dark chocolate with strawberry, these foods taste good, nutrition and health.

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