How do men wash genitalia to be healthier?

How do men wash genitalia to be healthier? Why Pop Healthy Living network will talk about this topic? This must begin with the structure of the male genitalia.

The most prominent part of the male genitalia is the penis, whose skin is thin and movable. The skin of the penis top place folds into a double, called the penis foreskin. Before the age of 7, the foreskin is long enough to wrap the glans of the penis and the outer orifice of the urethra. As puberty develops, the penis becomes larger and longer, and the foreskin is pulled back, exposing the glans of the penis to adulthood.

However, about 30% of the adult foreskin still completely covers the glans of the penis, and only when the penis is turned upside down by the hand or when the penis is fully erect can the glans and urethral orifice appear. This condition is referred to as the redundant prepuce. When the penis foreskin is too long, too tight, it cannot turn over, still cannot show glans when erect and urethral mouth, which is called phimosis, and this population is about 8%.

The long foreskin or phimosis patients, the foreskin sebaceous glands secrete a super smelly white secretion, which is not easy to discharge, there will be smegma after long-term stockpile. Under such condition, it is susceptible to bacterial growth plus the remaining urine or semen drops, which can cause glans and foreskin inflammation, resulting in itching.

If you do not pay attention to the penis foreskin cleaning, in addition to causing sexual pain, foreskin and glans adhesions, but also interfere with sexual life of husband and wife, and may even have penile cancer. According to statistics, more than 90% of the penis cancer is caused by long penis foreskin or phimosis. In addition, due to long-term stimulation of the smegma, if not pay attention to cleaning, local skin tissue defense function will decline, but also vulnerable to infectious pathogens infection.

Therefore, it is very important for men to develop the habit of cleaning the genitals into routine shower.

In the bath, pull the foreskin back to the glans by hand, and clean the accumulation of dirt and sebum. Because the penis foreskin inner plate is thinner than the outer plate, it is sensitive to chemical detergent, so it is OK to wash with running water once every day when cleaning the foreskin glans.

If you use soap or bathing dew, but not clean them totally away, many people will appear foreskin glans allergic reaction and reverse discomfort.

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