How do men to keep their penis sensitive?

Many people know that taking part in physical exercise often helps to improve male sexual ability. However, very few people know that the direct exercise of the penis can improve sexual performance directly and better. It can strengthen the penis, to make the erectile nerve and tissue to become much healthier, increase the sensitivity and feelings of sexual intercourse.

How do men to keep their penis sensitive?The main methods of training the penis are listed as the following:

First, the penis pressure method.

Whether your penis is in a soft state, or in middle erect or fully erect condition, repeated do hold and release action of your penis, which can enhance the penile nerve and blood vessel activity, effectively improve the sexual ability.

Second, the use of shower massage on your penis.

This is the best way to enjoy. That is, using the shower nozzle to stimulate your penis from the front to root with warm water, and you can open the foreskin exposed glans. The dozens of strong water pressure on the point of centralized hot water massage, can directly support the erection of the ligaments and nerves. The result will be much better if you can use the hot and cold water alternately, but this is not suitable for the elderly people, which may cause some healthy problem.

Third, levator ani movement.

Do levator ani movement can active pelvic floor muscle and ligament strength which plays an important role in coordination of penile erection, and can also improve the blood circulation of the penis.

Fourth, sexual intercourse.

Make the progress during the real fighting. This is also the way men adhere to the longest penis exercise.

Please also keep in your minder that do not over exercise to get damage risk. With the first three ways to exercise penis, the best recommendation is once a day, each time with a few minutes to ten minutes. If the time is too long, too much stimulation, it will hurt and tired the muscles and nerves which support the erection closely, and even cause damage to the penis.

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