How do men promote their penis development?

How do men promote their penis development? Man penis growth is relatively slow from birth to adolescence (around 7 years old), basically proportional to the overall development of the body. When entering into puberty (around 9.5 to 18 years of age), with the exception of height and weight, a more prominent manifestation is a qualitative change in the body that is sexual maturity.

Its main feature is the brain, including hypothalamus and pituitary, stimulate the testes to produce sperm and produce large amounts of androgens, and penile erection is frequent and penis size rapid growth, including length and girth, and normally it will reach to adult levels after about five years growth and development. Furthermore, the prostate and seminal vesicle etc. attached gonad begins to secrete substances composed of semen, resulting in emission phenomena. It is at this time most people had masturbation behavior. Therefore, the growth of the penis, including the whole reproductive system is the result of the vigorous secretion of sex hormones.

The size of the penis depends mainly on genetic factors, but its development result is also related to acquire sexual activity. It should be said that the penis’s growth and development is accompanied by the penis erection. It is difficult to imagine that the penis can growth and develop well when there is no penis erection. For this issue, it is clear after you understand the structure of the penis. So there are some trainings of penis enlargement on the Internet, which is based on the mechanism of penile erection.

More penis erection can make sure the penis organ get more blood flow rate which can bring more nutrition to supply the necessary items for the penis growth and development.

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