Hot bath before sex may bring you some problem

There are some people believe that men have sex after a hot bath, may cause impotence and other bad sexual function problems, affecting the quality of sex. Is this true? How to have a right bath before in order to clean the penis and body and also does not affect sexual function?

First, why hot bath easily lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction

Hot bath before sex bring you some problem Because the human body has an automatic adjustment function of blood flow controlling that more blood will be flow to the organ with higher load working. After the hot bath, the higher temperature and friction make the blood flow to the skin, and will stay for a certain time. When sexual intercourse under this condition, your penis need “grab” blood from the skin, which will occur on the deployment of contradiction.

As we all know, the erection of the penis is because a lot of blood into the penis and then the penis erects hard. If sexual organs do not get enough blood, it is very easy to cause impotence, erectile dysfunction etc. function, affecting the quality of sex life.

If this situation happen for long time, that the skin and the penis are always grab more blood, so the blood circulation is always in the state of imbalance, not only affect sexual function, may also make the heart and brain relatively insufficient blood supply, prone to dizziness, palpitation, fatigue and fainting, so it is highly not recommend couples have sexual intercourse after bath immediately.

Two, do not take a bath before sexual intercourse is also wrong

Since the bath will damage sexual function, is it possible to ignore this habit? Of course, the answer is not, because the male and female reproductive organs hidden in underwear with rare sunlight, so it is the best place for the bacteria, virus survival and reproduction. Common vaginitis, glans inflammation, gonorrhea, etc., are all related to the sexual organs clearness during the sexual life. So it is very necessary to clean this place.

Hot bath before sex bring you some problemThree, how to take a bath in order to keep reproductive organs clean at the same time does not affect sexual function?

1, take a small bath

What is called as a small bath that is, only cleaning the necessary genital organs part, to replace the whole bath procedure. Please pay attention that do not dry your penis with the used underwear, and also carefully wash hands using hand sanitizer.

2, take a rest before sex start

After bath, it is best to rest for half an hour. And you can have a nice and sweet chat with your partner, which can also be a very pleasure foreplay if you use it in a right way. When your body get back the more blood in your skin, then it is time for your sexual intercourse starting.

At last, it is should not be an excuse for the lazy man who don’t want to take a bath before sex. Cleanness is the very important point for a healthy sex life.

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