Honey with potatoes help treat gastric ulcer

Modern people because of bad habits, it is easy to ignore the health of our stomach. Gastric ulcer is a common kind of stomach disease. Gastric ulcer is not the same as common gastritis, gastric ulcer is facing a lot of pain. For patients with gastric ulcer in addition to receive the necessary treatment, diet therapy is the most effective one, pay attention to diet taboo, below I will give you introduced a healthy and effective diet prescription.

Raw potatoes topical has anti-inflammatory, detumescence effect. Potatoes after cooked will have strengthening the body, and good for your stomach effect. Honey is a good food for most people, for the treatment of constipation, stomach ulcers and other diseases have a good supporting role. Potatoes and honey together to eat, which is powerful combination.

Honey with potatoes help treat gastric ulcer

Production of potato honey, it is best selection of fresh potatoes, don’t use the germination of potatoes, because the germination of potato contains large amounts of solanine, which is harmful on the human body. The specific approach is to cut the potatoes first, and then potatoes cut into filamentous, and then put on the fire to cook.

Until the potatoes cooked to medium, then you can be placed in an appropriate amount of honey and stir, then simmer for a while, honey flavor immersion potatoes and potatoes are tender when you can clean wok. Potatoes do not overcooked, otherwise it will reduce the efficacy of treatment, and alos cannot be too hard, otherwise it is not suitable for patients with gastric ulcer.

Honey with potatoes help treat gastric ulcer

The most scientific intake method is the tow times in the morning and afternoon. Fasting can directly cover the gastric mucosa, which can improve the treatment effect. Taking the process of avoiding excitant food, such as pepper, wine etc… The people who suffer the unstable blood sugar should not take honey, coupled with high starch content of potatoes, so people with diabetes is not suitable for consumption.

Gastric ulcer not only cause family worry, but also the most important is oneself suffer, and you cannot eat the food what you like to eat, so be sure to pay attention to your body, to prevent gastric ulcer and gastritis.

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