Honey preservation method really need to put into refrigerator?

Honey is secreted by the bees gather nectar plant into juice. Production in most parts of china. Honey is a natural food, taste sweet, containing monosaccharide, do not need to after digestion can be absorbed by the body, for women, young people, and especially elderly had more excellent health care effect, so it is called “the old man’s milk”.

Honey health care efficacy and awareness is more and more concerned by people, but in order to maximize the nutritional benefits of keeping the honey, the correct storage method is also very necessary. Today, a brief note about the preservation of honey will be introduced here.

Honey preservation method really need to put into refrigerator?

1, sealing preservation

Usually eat honey is stored by some bottle with cover to be lid seal, but normally this kind lid does not have any effective sealing measures, air and bacteria are easy to enter. So in the choice of honey, you can choose a small bottle package, a few days will be able to eat up, or buy a small bag, a time to eat a bag. If you are unfortunate to buy large bottle honey, it doesn’t matter, buy a roll of film preservation, every time cling film wrapped bottle.

2, pay attention to the capacity of the bottle

Honey stored for a long time will produce gas, so as to increase the air pressure in the bottle, if the preservation of honey bottle seal is very good, then the pressure can continue to accumulate to release, this result is when you want eat honey it will be hard to open bottle cap. In order to avoid such situation, you cannot fill the bottle with honey too full, leaving 1/7 of the air in, so that there can be a buffer to avoid a sharp increase in air pressure.

Honey preservation method really need to put into refrigerator?

3, the material of the container

The essence of honey is the over saturated solution of sugar, which is weakly acidic. In the storage process, as far as possible not exposed to lead, zinc, iron, aluminum and other metals, these metals and honey will cause pollution caused by chemical reactions. Therefore, the family containing the honey, the best selection of glass, porcelain, plastic bottles or non metal containers.

4, can be put into the refrigerator?

Honey will crystallize when it temperature lower than 14 degrees, which is a physical change, not chemical changes, so the composition of honey itself does not produce change, it is like water to form an ice chemical or H2O.

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