Home appliances how to save energy? All kinds of household appliances power saving tips

First, it is better to consider the energy-saving appliances in the shopping mall. Now with the energy efficiency marks, which will be much simpler for your guidance. For now, the most energy cost home appliances are the refrigerator, air conditioning, electric water heater and color TV.

1, it is highly recommend to choose the refrigerators and air conditioners with frequency adaption function. If you cannot afford the high price, it is still recommend to choose the applications with energy efficiency marks as back a step, which normally have detail description on the back of the fridge. Air conditioning in the cooling time, if considering 10 hours per day working time, you can save half KWH when your increase the setting temperature with one degree.

Home appliances how to save energy? All kinds of household appliances power saving tips

2, water heater is better to use natural gas type, due to the specific heat of water is large, electric water heater will cost too much electricity power. And for the TV set, when you are not watching, it is highly recommend to turn off the power supply. Do not often use the standby state, because this state is also using power.

3, the microwave oven will be the most busy application in the morning.

Energy saving tips: in the food heating, it is better to use plastic film to cove the food to, as a result, no evaporation of moisture, and the heating time will be shortened.

4, the electric iron.

Most electric iron is automatically controlled which heat up quickly and automatically cut off when the temperature is reached.

Power saving tips: when there are a lot of clothes needs to deal with for one time, and follow the below guider, then you can save some energy. First of all, ironing some fiber clothes when the temperature is lower, and then deal with the high temperature resistance cotton fabric when the temperature rises. Then cut off the power of your iron, deal with the remaining with chemical fiber clothes with the remaining heater.

Home appliances how to save energy? All kinds of household appliances power saving tips

5, other tips for saving energy at home:

If there is a drinking machine at home, turn off the power when you don’t need hot water.

When the TV does not working, it is better to turn off the power, do not use the standby state. As well as the computer display, the standby cost is also waste of money.

If only one person using the electric water heater, is do not need to put the water temperature to the maximum level.

Air conditioning set temperature a few degrees higher. In addition to use sleep mode is also very efficiency for power saving.

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