Hints for male longer lasting erections

Hints for male longer lasting erections Driven by vanity, every man wants to have a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection, and have ten times sexual intercourse at one night. Unless you are 20 years old young people, otherwise, when you’re ageing, the sexual performance decline is unavoidable.

Here are some natural hints, perhaps really can make you with better erections. Firstly, you need to understand the following two indicators of a better erection: one is longer lasting time, the other is the short refractory period, which is the time between two erections. Different people have different performance, so you should decide on which part of you to strengthen according to your own situation.

Pay attention on foreplay

If your duration is really short, it’s usually hard to get her to climax. It’s the best way to support you with your mouth and hands. She reached a climax in the clitoris when foreplay. And when running the second climax, suddenly gave her a genuine penis, and sent her with orgasm. If you can catch the right time, you can enjoy the synchronized climax pleasure.

Split your attention on other issue

Split your attention on other issue, when you’re having sex, you can reduce the penis’s irritation properly, so you’ll last longer. Of course, we should also pay attention to skills, such as watching TV while acting is not a good idea. Obviously distraction will be judged as not enjoy the sex or even not love her, and I think you don’t want to get such result. Nor thinking of other more exciting issue, such as sexual fantasies of a certain sexy actress, it will only make you faster ejaculation. You can think about your day time work, friends, but not too much, pay attention to her feelings, in order to adjust the pumping frequency and intensity of your actions.

Using condoms to reduce the penis’s irritation

Here’s to use two or even three condoms to reduce the penis’s irritation. Although many men do not like using condoms, who like direct contact, but from safe and considerate of women’s view point, you’d better use it.

Moreover, if you are always lacking in stamina, you should use it more. Two or three condoms can be more effective contraception, but also can reduce penis stimulation by less effective friction to prolong your erection duration.

Shortening refractory period

Directly go with sexual intercourse without any foreplay, and it is prepare for your second erection. According to the report, the first ejaculation time faster, the shorter refractory period will be and second erection will be stronger. And this sudden sex will give the partner quite exciting.

Change another new place

After sex, it is better to switch to the next place, such as the living room, bathroom, even kitchen, etc., because the new environment can definitely stimulate your desire to sprint again, so that you can erect up faster.

Of course, these are skills level, the most fundamental thing is depend on a man’s body condition. If the body health state is good, you can be extremely good without any basic skills, therefore, to strengthen the daily exercise is the most basic method to increase your sexual performance. In the evening, let her accompany you to jog for half an hour, it can increase the emotion, but also can strengthen the body.

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