High blood pressure disease is not only a patent for the elderly

Who says that high blood pressure is the patent of the elderly, in fact, more and more young people are suffering from high blood pressure, what is the reason?

Causes of hypertension in young people

1, high pressure, mental tension

High pressure and mental stress are the main causes of hypertension. Pressure and mental tension can cause sympathetic excitement, blood vessels, leading to increased blood pressure.

2, obesity, overweight

Obesity, overweight is also an important cause of hypertension. Previously, the degree of mechanization is advanced, the amount of people’s activity is larger, obesity, overweight is rare. Now mechanization highly developed, so there are no need much hard work, as well as the living conditions improved. Overweight and obese patients can be found everywhere. And obesity is likely to lead to metabolic disorders, fat accumulation, vascular sclerosis, which leads to increased blood pressure.

High blood pressure disease is not only a patent for the elderly

3, the physiological clock is disrupted

Scientists found that if the biological clock is disrupted, will cause high blood pressure. This is because the genes which is responsible for the control of aldosterone secretion of, also to control the operation of the physiological clock. Aldosterone is a hormone, and the study found that rats in the body of aldosterone secretion of excessive, blood pressure will continue to rise. The researchers disrupted the life of rats, the biological clock disrupted, found that aldosterone was a lot of secretion, the rat’s blood pressure surge. In the human body also has “the same aldosterone”. Therefore, the researchers warned: shift workers, flight attendants, aircraft pilots, writers, journalists and other people, work and rest is often abnormal, these groups should pay attention to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4, bad habits

Such as tobacco and alcohol addiction. The tobacco harm to blood mainly from nicotine, due to the nicotine can cause vascular smooth muscle contraction, leading to high blood pressure. After smoking cessation, the patients with hypertension will directly drop 5~10 mm hg pressure. And alcohol can cause arteriosclerosis, reduce the elasticity of blood vessels, and ultimately lead to high blood pressure.

5, high salt diet

Among the common factors of hypertension, high salt diet is in the first place. The normal daily salt intake should be no more than 5 grams, but most people are more than 9 grams of salt, but all, sodium intake too much, will cause the retention of sodium and water, resulting in vascular volume increase, resulting in increased blood pressure.

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