Hidden special carcinogens, you must have eaten one of them

Carcinogens can induce cancer refers to “bad matter”, it includes any category can increase the risk of cancer in human physical and chemical substances and life, etc.. The following four categories are common carcinogens in our life class 1.

Hidden special carcinogens, you must have eaten one of them

1 areca, areca chew can easily cause mechanical trauma to the oral mucosa, eat will lead to oral precancerous lesions.

2 peanut, peanut oil, corn, rice, cottonseed in the highest probability of aflatoxin, aflatoxin is the largest mycotoxin poisoning, human health hazards are extremely prominent class of mycotoxins.

3 salted fish, salted egg, pickled vegetables, overnight leftovers, which contains a lot of nitrosamines in pickled food, should pay attention to grasp the time, temperature and the amount of salt. Generally pickled 10 days later, pickled food nitrite began to decline, that is, eat pickled food to marinate after 15 days. Eat more to inhibit the formation of nitrosamines food, such as garlic, tea, vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables.

4 PVC plastic, paper, chlorine and some pesticide production links, steel smelting, catalyst high temperature chlorine activation process can release dioxin to the environment. Exacerbate autism tendencies in children, they can interfere with the body’s endocrine, resulting in a wide range of health effects.

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