Healthy shower during the hot summer

Taking a health shower in summer, you need to pay a lot of attention

1, pay attention to the times

Human body secrete exuberant in summer, sweat more, should be washed every day or every other day. For the fat and sebaceous gland secretion exuberant people, can increase the number of taking a shower. For the elderly, as the secretion of sebaceous reduced, you can reduce the number of shower. Shower time should not be too long, every time take a shower time to 15-30 minutes is appropriate, to prevent cardio cerebral hypoxia, ischemia.

2, pay attention to the temperature

During summer, the shower water temperature close to body temperature is appropriate, that is 35 ℃ -37 ℃. If the water temperature is too high, which will make the body skin blood vessels to dilate, then heart and brain blood flow reduced, and this situation can cause hypoxia. If shower water too cool will make the skin pores closed, and blood vessels shrink in a sudden, and then body heat does not come out. Especially in the hot summer night, a cold bath makes you feel weakness, shoulder and knee soreness and pain after cold bath, even as a predisposing factor for arthritis and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Even if a cold bath, water temperature should not br under 10 ℃.

Healthy shower during the hot summer

Health shower can solve many summer skin problems

1, increased the amount of sebum secretion problem

In summer, the amount of sebum secretion begins to increase, easily lead to skin pore blockage, resulting in the back and chest skin becomes rough, even make out of acne.

Therefore, every time you come back home, it is necessary to take a shower immediately to clean the skin. During shower time, massage products can be on the body to draw circle massage, and then rinse with water.

2, hurting by UV rays problem

Long time outdoor in summer, the skin is exposed to UV light will cause some skin problem, becoming burnt glowing red. Under this situation, you need to cool down your skin surface temperature as soon as possible, and you can taking aloe, cucumber, chamomile and other cleaning products plant , avoiding the generation of inflammation, and inhibit sunburn, pigmentation and other pigmentation problem. Remember, after the sun skin hurt, shower water temperature is NOT allowed to high, and 33 ℃ will be the most suitable choice.

Healthy shower during the hot summer

3, sweat smelly trouble

If you are belonging to sweating easily physique, you can try to take a shower before going out. Select some fragrance type bath product to clean skin, after bath the skin can still leave sweet but not too rich aroma, that can effectively inhibit the sweat smelly. For the people who stomach is not good, and is often easy have loose bowels in summer, can use the shower head with warm water to the stomach flushing massage 1-2 minutes, as this can enhance gastrointestinal health effects.

4, using shower tool smartly

Too often shower will also lead to dry skin and sensitive issues, the shower bath small tools is preferable, such as bath sponge, with its rub out rich soft foam to clean the skin, to reduce skin irritation to the lowest degree. Like the rough body parts, such as the elbow, knee, heel and other, you can carefully wipe with a bath brush, remove aged horny and dead skin. In addition, the neck and chest skin is very delicate, to be careful not to scrub too hard, so as not to damage the skin elasticity.

5, choose the right shower products

Try to choose neutral or weak acid bath products, as this kind of shower products have good effect, NEVER to use alkaline soap. Take a shower, if not particularly dirty, it is better not to use any shower products.

Healthy shower during the hot summer

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