Grazed fruits are much healthier to eat

Man is a kind of pursuit perfect animal, so there is no exception when picking fruit. The fruit that grows well-proportioned look is the darling in our eyes, and those due to the environment or a bruise the fruit will be throw away. In fact, the latest health study found that these with the appearance of the ugly fruit is actually the most nutritious, the health of the people is also the most favorable.

Grazed fruits are much healthier to eat

We always like to buy those who look good when the supermarket fruit shelves loaded, and those who have scars on the surface is always ignored. But the latest study found that in fact the surface abrasion bruising of fruits contain more health benefits of phytochemicals for human — because of abrasions to mobilize the fruit internal defense mechanisms, to generate more antioxidants. However, although some scarring of the fruit is better, but the fruit may more prone to spoilage, so the time of purchase to pay attention and not corruption, and also need to eat as soon as possible.

The study also found that the traditional vegetable and fruit varieties are healthier than the new generation in the modern market. For example, the normal apple to resist disease number of chemical substances 10 times more than those bright fresh modern apple. Traditional russet apples contain more phloridzin than sleek gloss modern apples. This chemical can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Health experts suggest that the fruit and vegetable industry based on the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, rather than the appearance of breeding.

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