Good way to keep health life by drinking water

Cold, constipation, cough……the body will appear some small problems in the daily life, although there is no need to take an injection or to take medicine, but ignored, how much will affect the normal learning and work. Taiwan “health” magazine published an article pointed out that the Institute of water, may solve these problems, you can take a try.

Splash: drinking a cup of warm water in the morning. Stain reaction to the accumulation of toxins in the body, detoxification is the best way to normal excretion. Drinking a cup of warm water after the morning, help to promote bowel movements, conducive to defecation. World Health Lifestyle Promotion Association President Xia Dengjie also warned that the president of the dinner drink tomato soup, but also to prevent stains. Tomato is known as “vitamin C warehouse”, can effectively reduce the formation of melanin.

Catch a cold: drink more water than usual. A doctor will be prompted to drink plenty of water, in fact, how to drink is a stress. The traditional Chinese medicine hospital respiratory medicine chief physician Li Fang introduction, if you feel cold, the temperature is not very high, almost no sweating, headache, runny nose, cough phlegm sputum is not, want to drink water, general cold symptoms. If not serious, can drink some hot water, hot soup or porridge, makes the body sweat, helps to dispel the cold. If the temperature is high, sweating, sore throat pain, cough sputum, nasal flow of yellow mucus, thirst, is generally, if not serious, drink some mint tea and acrid cold drink helps relieve symptoms.

Good way to keep health life by drinking water

Stomachache: potato porridge. Remind the hospital medical director Chen Yuqian, the traditional Chinese medicine, porridge nourishing the stomach, but if porridge is too thin, soon to be evacuated from the stomach, but not conducive to the stomach. So drink porridge stomach should pay attention to consistency, when necessary, may wish to add material, such as potato porridge. Chinese medicine believes that the potatoes and gastric tone, spleen qi, nourishing the stomach, can to some extent alleviate stomach pain effect. If it is persistent stomach pain, it is best to go to the hospital.

Constipation: drink more green tea. According to deputy director of Hospital, drink plenty of water but has little effect on urine, constipation. Easy to constipation people drink at least 1500 ml of water a day, to prevent constipation. If you want to relieve constipation best Green Tea laxative drink, the effect is better, especially the Green Tea.

Hot after exercise: intermittent small hot water. After exercise, body temperature will rise suddenly, with emit large amounts of sweat, there will be fever. At this point, the appropriate drinking water can regulate blood and tissue fluid circulation, and regulate body temperature, increase endurance. However, the most dangerous sports drink water, otherwise it will further increase the burden on the heart, and even the occurrence of water poisoning, and it should be interrupted by a small mouth water.

Obesity: drink water half an hour after meal. If you do not drink enough water, the body’s fat cannot be smooth metabolism, so that more easily increase the weight. Many reactions in the human body with water as the medium, the production of toxic substances also rely on water to discharge, the proper drinking water can avoid the disorder of gastrointestinal function. Weight loss people should drink half an hour after the meal, to enhance the digestive function, helps to maintain the body.

Cough: drink plenty of hot water. After the cold cough, drink plenty of water can dilute sputum, relieve trachea and bronchial mucosa hyperemia and edema, have antitussive effect.

Irritability: drink Rose Tea. When it is hot, people tend to be irritable, at this time may wish to drink a cup of rose tea. However, it should be noted that the rose has a role in promoting blood circulation, do so do not drink during menstrual menstruation.

Drunk: drink a cup of grape juice. A lot of people after drinking dry throat, mainly caused by the loss of water, drink a few cups of grape juice, can dilute the alcohol, and protect the liver. Fresh Grape Juice rich in tartaric acid, can neutralize ethanol in wine, reduce drunken nausea, nausea, reached to sober up.

Insomnia: to drink some vinegar. Many people suffer from insomnia because of nervous fatigue caused by stimulation of the brain. Acetic acid can eliminate or reduce fatigue tension, make people relaxed. Vinegar but not drink the better, every day can be the best, with warm water diluted acetic acid drink, otherwise easy to corrode teeth, even after drinking mouthwash. People with gastric ulcer and gastric acid too many people try not to use this method.

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