Good tips for food storage methods

Some foods will easy turn bad by incorrect storage method, which is not conducive to health and a waste of money. The pop healthy living network experts summed up food preservation trick for daily reference.

1, Put an apple, the potatoes don’t sprout

Potatoes are very easy to germinate, if you add an apple in the potatoes, you can effectively prevent the germination of potatoes, prolong the storage period of potatoes.

2, use paper bags to replace plastic bags, mushrooms do not change bad

Good tips for food storage methods

Mushrooms are most afraid of damp, the mushrooms are easy to damp and become sticky placed in the refrigerator. However, the mushroom is preserved in a hard paper bag, can be a good solution to the problem of mushroom metamorphism. Put the mushrooms in the plastic bags, which easily lead to water cannot be distributed, thereby accelerating the mushroom mildew.

3, using paper towels, lettuce not withered

The moisture in the refrigerator is too high, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables in the refrigerator for a long time to become yellow and fade out, crisp taste. Lettuce is best not to put directly into the refrigerator, should dry the water droplets on the lettuce surface, and then use a clean paper towel wrapped lettuce, loaded into the bag into the refrigerator to save. Layer or tissue in the refrigerator crisper, to absorb moisture, prolong the preservation time of fruits and vegetables.

Good tips for food storage methods

4, Preservation of film wrapped roots, banana storage time will be much longer

Bananas and other fruits and vegetables will release ethylene gas, accelerate the change of their own to become brown. If the banana cannot eat a few days, just wrap the banana roots with plastic wrap, in order to reduce the ethylene emissions, slow down the process of banana ripening.

5, First “vinegar bath” and then cold storage, the berries are not mildew

Blueberries, strawberries and other berries easy to quickly soften and mildew. In order to extend the preservation time of berries, might as well in front of the refrigerator with 1: 3 vinegar and water soak for a while and then scooped out rinse, drain the water into the refrigerator. Vinegar can kill the bacteria on the berries, helps to prevent mold growth, extended shelf life.

6, Package aluminum foil, celery will be not bad

Celery stored in the refrigerator for a long time will become soft because of the loss of water. Will be separated from the celery, clean, dry water, with aluminum foil wrapped tight, and then put into the refrigerator, fresh period can be up to a few weeks. If you wrap celery in a plastic bag, it accelerate its aging due to the ethane from the plastic bad.

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