Global men penis average length survey, what is your size?

It is believe that almost men are dreaming to have a hug size penis, so that they can conquer women with their super powerful weapon. In the most adult movies, the men are normally with big penis, the length and size almost cannot be hold up by a women’s hand. OK, it is just the movie, and the men is very special group. It is the same that the superman can fly in the sky, but you cannot in real life. In fact, the sex pleasure what you can get is not totally related with your penis length or size. Please remember that your sex skills and cooperation with the women also play a great role in the sex, and almost decided what your can get in the sex.

Unfortunately, if your penis size is much lower than the working level, it will be really hard to make women happy. But the good news is that you are living in the 21th century, with the modern science technology proextender-system-smallerdevelopment, some qualified equipment applied with some scream or pills, can really help you to increase your penis length and size.

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Some situation or misunderstanding for your reference:

American investigation report of men penis organ shows: after the penis erects, mostly can above the horizon line, can be mild or moderate close to vertical, and can reach the parallel degree of abdominal wall is rare. A lot of people with a slight deflection after erection, it is not as accurate as the anatomy, and the data shows that 25% is the left side, the right side is less. A considerable number of people have a bending phenomenon: 25% of the people belongs to upside, and 11% to the left. Furthermore, the shape of the erection penis can vary from person to person.

Some people worry that their penis is smaller than others, after the comparison that they look down at their penis, with other people’s penis with front view, often feel much smaller. After precision measurement, there is no much size difference of the two. The conclusion is that this is a visual error that means you are cheated by your eyes. The doctor can give a mirror to the worried person, let him look in the mirror of his penis, and then with the other men in the mirror. In this way, we can eliminate the anxiety caused by visual error. But never take this point to comfort yourself when the situation is real.

Global men penis average length survey, what is your size?



The global men average penis length data released:


The penis length has been considered as a symbol of a man of sex ability, so every man highly focus on his penis length, especially the length after erection, because this is the most important weapon to conquer the women.  It is believed that the women vagina is the shortest path to a women’s deep heart.

But the penis length is affected by many factors, including height, weight, genetic, geographical, and ethnic and other different factors, will all possible lead to the difference. Below the average penis length data for your reference, if you meet the penis length standard, then you are a normal man already to fight.

Countries and regions    (cm)

Congo                        17.93

Ecuador                     17.77

Garner                        17.31

Columbia                    17.03

Venezuela                  17.03

Lebanon                     16.82

Cameroon                  16.67

Bolivia                        16.51

Hungary                     16.51

Sultan                         16.47

Jamaica                     16.3

Panama                     16.27

Benin                          16.2

Brazil                          16.1

Peru                           16.03

France                        16.01

Haiti                            16.01

Puerto Rico                16.01

Dominica                    15.99

Czech                        15.89

More than                   15.89

Senegal                      15.89

Gambia                      15.88

Holland                       15.87

Cuba                          15.87

Belgium                      15.85

Zambia                       15.78

Belize                         15.75

Italy                            15.74

Angola                        15.73

Egypt                          15.69

Zimbabwe                  15.68

Guatemala                 15.67

Georgia                      15.61

Paraguay                   15.53

Nigeria                        15.56

Chad                          15.39

Central Africa             15.33

Denmark                    15.29

South Africa               15.29

Nicaragua                  15.26

Ivory Coast                15.22

Slovakia                     15.21

Uruguay                     15.14

Slovenia                     15.13

Mexico                       15.1

Gaza                          15.06

Morocco                     15.03

Bulgaria                      15.02

Costa Rica                 15.01

Tunisia                       15.01

Honduras                   15.59

Argentina                    14.88

El Salvador                14.88

Serbia                         14.87

Sweden                      14.8

Croatia                       14.77

Greece                       14.73

Albania                       14.73

Suriname                   14.67

Belarus                       14.63

Chile                           14.59

Iceland                       14.56

Iran                             14.55

Iraq                             14.5

Germany                    14.48

Eritrea                        14.39

Israel                          14.38

Switzerland                14.35

Norway                      14.34

Poland                        14.29

Somalia                      14.2 5

Algeria                        14.19

Austria                       14.16

Turkey                       14.11

Cape Verde                14.05

New Zealand              13.99

Macedonia                 13.98

UK                              13.97

Ukraine                      13.97

Canada                      13.92

Greenland                  13.87

Spain                          13.85

Estonia                       13.78

Finland                       13.77

Libya                          13.74

Azerbaijan                  13.72

Afghanistan                13.69

Turkmenistan             13.48

Ethiopia                      13.39

Australia                     13.31

Armenia                     13.22

Russia                        13.21

United States             12.9

Ireland                        12.78

Mongolia                    12.77

Romania                    12.73

Yemen                       12.72

Pakistan                     12.2

Indonesia                   11.67

Singapore                   11.53

Malaysia                    11.49

Vietnam                     11.47

How to measure penis size precisely?

Measuring the length of the penis: After the penis is fully erect, press it to right angle to your body, then measure from the root point to the end point through your penis. There is an argument that the ruler should be as close as possible to the pubic bone, or just loosely bound to the connection between the penis and the body. The argument stems from the fact that people who are obese have reduced their length by penis. Reaching the ruler to a deeper level will lead to a more realistic dimension, although it is impossible for them to use the extra one to two inches. So the more reasonable method of measurement may be the ruler closed to the body.

Measuring the outer circumference of the penis: after the penis is fully erect, measure the circumference of the thickest part of the penis. And also the outer diameter of penis can be obtained by measuring width, but this method is not very accurate, because the penis is not entirely a cylinder.

Global men penis average length survey, what is your size?

It is possible to enhance your penis, including length and size?

The answer is absolutely YES, of course, which is your desired answer, but it is a truth. Do you know the concept map of “physiological increase”?

For example, a thin man, as long as he is willing to work hard on daily exercise, then he can have strong muscles. This is not to say that his muscles after exercise re-development or muscle fiber increased. But after the movement, his original muscle fibers have become stronger and thicker. In this way, his whole muscular appearance becomes stronger. This is called physiological increase. So I think you already get the point, it is similar to your penis size increase.

It is sure that after the man mature, the penis is absolutely impossible to re-development by itself. But, as long as you are willing to pay hard effort, and under some special device help, you can make some significant increasement, Of course, this growth has a certain physiological limit, and 1-3 inches is highly possible.

How to increase the congestion of the sinus? We have said above, determine the size and hardness of penis


erection, the main factor is the degree of the blood flow rate to the penis. So, the key point to increase the penis is to increase the blood flow to the penis when erection.

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What penis size is preferred by women?

One of the most sensitive topics in a couple’s sex life is the size of a man’s penis. Does this size data is really matter to women in the sex? In any case, the penis size difference will make a woman feel different, so what kind of size do women like most? What size would make a woman most comfortable?

Global men penis average length survey, what is your size?

Women think “ideal” (perfect) penis size: length 7.25 – 8.25 inches (about 18.42 – 20.96cm), stem thick – 6.25 – 6.5 inches (about 15.88 – 16.51cm)

Women think “very satisfied but not perfect” penis size: 6.25 – 9 inches (about 15.88 – 22.86cm), stem thick – 5.75 – 6.75 inches (about 14.61 – 17.15cm)

The female thinks “satisfactory” penis size: length 5.75 – 10 inches (about 14.61 – 25.4cm), stem thick 5.25 – 7 inches (about 13.34 -17.78cm)

The female thinks “is very exciting” penis size: long 5 – 11 inches (about 12.7 – 27.94cm), stem thick 4.75 – 7.25 inches (about 12.07 – 18.42cm).

So your penis can satisfy your women? If yes, you can also do some enhancement to make them more pleasure. If no, you can do some hard effort to enhance your penis ability from size first, to make the women get pleasure.


If you really want to entend your penis length, I believe below review article will bring you some useful infoamtion. It is pomosied that information with 100% confirmed can only be published for the people who need it.

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