From the navel to judge women’s health

The woman’s abdomen position is one of the most sexy

Many years ago, when I see the beauty of the Arabia belly dance and umbilical wear navel ring for the first time in the movie of "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves", I was lost in that charming navel.

When the environment temperature is not increased in the early spring, there are some lady bravely to put on the bare midriff clothes, to conquer men by woman‘s most sexy parts weapon. However, they don’t know it is under their health cost.

From the navel to judge women's health

The navel is the body weakest parts resistance to the outside world. So in the cool early spring wear some short clothes which will expose your navel may cause some related diseases. In addition, the bacterial act fecundity in the spring, and weakening the human resistance as well, bare midriff clothes exposed your waist and abdomen, easily lead to gastrointestinal function disorder, lead to pathogen invasion.

Pay attention to the navel cleanness

The dirt of the body can easily get into the navel and have deposition. Daily clean the navel part with warm water plus a neutral liquid soap to remove dirt, preventing the spread of germs. But it should not be forced to knead, or it may hurt the skin and cause infection.

From the navel to judge women's health

Pay attention to prevent "wind"

The navel is the stomach area, easy to get cold, so to prevent navel area getting cold is very important. In the early morning and late night, the cool weather and rainy weather will cause low temperature. So at this time, it is better not to wear bare midriff. The abdomen should be covered with thin cloth or using umbilical cord care during sleep.

Prevention of navel cord accident injury

If you expose your navel part area with short clothes, without clothing protection, will often vulnerable to get accidental injury, such as burns, scrapes, scratches etc.. Therefore, daily living or working should be careful.

From the navel to judge women's health

Try not to make tattoo

Some hot girls like sticking decorative patterns or even make tattoo in the navel area in addition to wearing short clothes. However, this will cause some health problems. Because the sticker will prevent the skin excretion function, may cause skin diseases such as eczema, prickly heat.

From the navel to judge women's health

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