Four wrong way to add oil

Here, we recommend that the best of several oil alternating with food and cooking also try to avoid getting into following four major errors.

Error 1:

Many people cooking like to use high-temperature oil, accustomed to wait until the pot of oil smoke before cooking, this kind of practice is not scientific. High temperature oil will not only destroy the nutritional components of food, but also produce some of the peroxide and carcinogenic substances. Recommended to heat plat first, pour oil when cooking, do not wait until the oil smoke.

Four wrong way to add oil

Error 2:

Do not eat animal oil if there is no oil, it will cause the lack of vitamins and essential fatty acids in the body, affecting the health of the human body. Only to eat vegetable oil, and do not eat animal oil, is not good enough. Under a certain dose, animal oil (saturated fatty acids) is beneficial to the human body.

Error 3:

Long term only to eat varieties of a single oil

Now, general family is very difficult to do what fried with vegetable oil, but we suggest the best of several oil alternating with food, or a period of time with a kind of oil, for a period of time for another kind of oil, because few have a kind of oil can solve the problem of oil needs.

Error 4:

For some special groups such as the overweight or high lipid, we emphasize more is selection of vegetable oils which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. In the amount of oil, it should also be under control. Lipids and body weight normal people, the total oil consumption should be controlled in a day not more than 25 grams, polyunsaturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids are basically half. And populations of the elderly, dyslipidemia, obesity population, obesity related diseases people or people with obesity family history, their daily per capita oil consumption to lower even down to 20 grams.

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