Four tips for the soup drink during the cold winter time

During the cold and dry winter time, a lot of people think cooking some soup is preferred choice. In fact, the winter soup also need your attention, and don’t let it hurt your stomach. Even though, some people drink the soup without eat anything else, which is not conducive to your health. So, the following article will show you some tips.

1, Pay attention to avoid the rice served in soup

We chew food, not only to chew the food to be easier swallowed, it is more important to by saliva wet food, and saliva is constantly produced during chewing food. Furthermore, there are a lot of digestive enzymes in saliva, which can help digestion and absorption, so it is very beneficial to the health. While rice served in soup because the rice is already soft, so it is not need to chew, so there will be any saliva digestive process before get into the stomach, which increased the burden of the stomach digestion. Long time under such condition, it is easy to cause stomach discomfort.

Four tips for the soup drink during the cold winter time

We must pay attention on this issue, don’t get the habits formation of soup served in rice, because this continues a long-term, there will be great damage to the stomach, especially for the child.

2, Pay attention to not only take the soup

Somebody has done a test, that cooking fish, chicken, beef and other protein rich raw food for 6 hours, but the protein digestion rate of only 6%-15%, there are more than 85% protein remained in the meat. So no matter how long the time soup cooking, meat nutrition cannot be complete dissolved in the soup. It is highly recommended to take some meat together.

Four tips for the soup drink during the cold winter time

3, Pay attention not to drink too hot soup

Just boil soup is often very hot, but many people are just like this hot soup, thinking such soup can warm stomach. In fact, people’s oral cavity, esophagus, gastric mucosa can only bear the highest temperature of 60 degrees, so if more than this temperature it can cause mucosal burn even gastrointestinal mucosa malignant transformation, so the below 50 degrees the soup more suitable.

4, tips for using heating food in microwave

Now the microwave oven is a good household helper, because it is very convenient, but you should know that not all of the food can be heated by microwave oven. Some food after heating by microwave oven are not only damage the nutritional components of food, but also not good for their own health.

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