Four signs of your penis indicate you are on the downhill way

Core tip: when you find your penis shows the following four situation, indicating that your physical condition has already began to downhill.

1, the penis skin has changed

Medical department director Erwin Eyre Alvarado hospital – Dr. Goldstein introduced that men when the age is above 40, the glans will gradually lose the red color, this is mainly because of reduced blood running. Due to the decline in androgen levels, the penis will become more and more thin hair, gradually restored to the puberty hairless state.

2, your penis size shrinkFour signs of your penis indicate you are on the downhill way

It is a common phenomenon that your weight gain increasing together with your age. Ronald, director of the men’s health program at the Mount Sinai hospital in New York, said: "in some cases, belly fat can bury the penis." It is not a joke, but it is a truth. The length and thickness of the penis will be a little change. If man penis length reach 15 cm after full erudition at the age 30, and it may be only about 12 cm when he is  sixty or seventy years old.

There are many reasons which can cause the penis size shrink, for example the penis vessel slow fatty substance deposition will prevent the flow of blood to the tissues and organs,. This is very similar with the blockage in the coronary artery atherosclerosis can lead to heart attack.

At the same time, the elastic protein in the elastic fiber sheath deposition, which will also make the blood perfusion space is relatively narrow.

3, the penis more bent

If the penis has a scar and the scar accumulation is not uniform, the penis may become more bent, which is known as Peyronie’s disease. This disease is most popular in middle-aged people, and it can cause erectile pain, dyspareunia, so patients should actively seek medical treatment.

4 penis become insensitivity

Many studies have shown that over time, the sensitivity of the penis will be reduced, which may affect the erection, delaying your sexual life.

OK, four points are very clear here, so please pay attention on your own sex health. Furthermore, below there will be more information to introduce three bad foreplay which will endanger your sex health.

Dangerous one: alcohol.

Risk index: ★★★★★Four signs of your penis indicate you are on the downhill way

Shakespeare was the first to point out that "wine stimulates lust, but makes action into bubble." It is true that from the surface viewing, the alcohol is helpful, but it is not true. Chinese ancient thought, sexual intercourse after drinking will highly increase your Qi consumption. After drinking the brain nervous system excitability is temporarily enhanced, but the sexual function is temporarily reduced. Man will appear erectile dysfunction or a shorter time erection. Drunken sex can also increase the testicular binding globulin, damage the testicles, and weaken the ability to produce testosterone. In addition, 70% of the sperm may be incomplete developed, if pregnant in this case, the fetus will have 26% rate of health problem, especially mental retardation.

Hints: whether champagne, wine liquor, beer, or the red wine which has always been affixed to the health label, no sex within 2 hours after drinking.

Dangerous two: bath with hot water.

Risk index: ★★★★

Four signs of your penis indicate you are on the downhill wayA lot of people prefer the hot water bath together as the foreplay.  In fact, more than 5 minutes of hot water bath will consume a lot of physical fitness, and sex is a high energy consumption activity.  Sex intercourse under this condition, you cannot get a longer insisting sex, that means it is little possible to get desired pleasure of orgasm.  At the same time, the body gradually relax in hot water, the body into the resting state, each organ is difficult to quickly excited, and the vigorous sex will even cause organ congestion dramatically damaged, and furthermore, the quickly pulling action is also easy to damage the muscle fiber. The most important thing is that a long hot water bath will reduce the sensitivity of the human body. So under this condition, how you can you get what you want?

Hints: it is highly recommended to have a shower before the sex which is good for your health or your partner, but please control the time in less than 5 minutes. If you really want to enjoy the romantic double bath, please leave it after the sex.

Dangerous three: adult movie.

Risk index: ★★

The latest study found that the more subtle visual stimulation, the human nervous system will be more extremely excited. Your brain is often in a state of hypoxia when have sex under this situation. Although temporary brain anoxia can add some dreamy pleasure, but for a long time, cerebral hypoxia exceed the physiological limits, people will feel dizzy, collapse. Please don’t take these symptoms as normal situation after sex, they are actually failure of human autonomic control performance, if things go on like this, the heart and brain function will be damaged.

Hints: leave these adult movies away, using more natural way to stimulate passion, such as touching, kissing.

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