Four miss-understanding for taking protein powder

Some consumers of protein powder with a good desire or by the advertising, given the protein powder too much super capacity, resulting in a number of miss-understanding.

1: rely on protein powder to lose weight

In the middle of a number of fat lovers, there is a high protein diet has been widely circulated. The core of this method is to lose weight, eat protein powder and other protein foods, do not eat fat and sugar. This result is a severe lack of protein excess, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, etc.. If things go on like this, can cause anemia and malnutrition. The results are likely to lose weight fail first injury.

Four miss-understanding for taking protein powder

2: rely on protein powder to grow taller and increase intelligence

Some parents believe that protein powder is a good thing, eat more can help children grow taller, long intelligence. In fact, the child’s height and intellectual development is affected by a variety of factors. Protein, which can be provided by protein, is just a part of the overall nutrition. It can neither be, nor should it be replaced with other nutrients. On the contrary, eating a lot of protein powder, may cause a serious burden on intangible, children’s immature kidney and liver.

3: rely on protein powder to enhance immunity

“Rome was not built in a day.” The establishment and maintenance of resistance is a complicated system engineering. It depends on the body’s own regulation and control, appropriate energy intake, reasonable and complete nutrient composition. Apparently, the protein alone is not enough. Not only is not enough, if not a good meal and simply rely on protein powder, will only make the resistance to damage.

4: by protein powder to promote fetal growth and development

The normal growth and development of the fetus alone is far from enough. If there is no suitable carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, and then a number of protein on fetal growth and development is of no avail. On the contrary, will increase the internal load of pregnant women.

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