Four major causes of short male penises

15 Some men although their physical development is normal, but the penis is relatively shorter, although there is no impact on sexual life and fertility, but it will bring psychological abnormalities for the penis shorter men. Although our country does not have specific statistics to the penis development, but from daily life circumstance, this kind of patient number cannot be ignored. The experts in the field of sexual medicine show that men’s penis short is mainly caused by below four main reasons.

1. The short penis is related to the genetic factor

The penis, like other organs of the body, size and morphology is controlled and influenced by genetic.

2, short penis is related to nutritional supply during development stage

In general viewpoint, adult male with strong physical body, tall, and its external genitalia include the penis, scrotal development is also good, so the penis may be relatively thick, and otherwise it may be smaller. Furthermore, it is noticed that the penis size is not in proportion to height, often can see some not tall man whose height is less than 1. 60 meters, sometimes the male penis erection can reach more than 18 cm.

3, the short penis also has some relations to obesity

For some fat men, they often have poor penis development, compared to normal men’s penis will be relatively shorter. Indeed, compared with the large fat body, this short penis may have some difficulties and unsatisfactory sexual life after marriage.

4, the short penis also have relation with other respect

Such as endocrine disorders, lack of male hormone levels, the penis or scrotum swelling caused by retraction of the penis and so on, may cause small penis.

At present, although there is scientific statistics of the proportion of short penis men, but encountered from clinical patients in the surgery and the number of point of view, this group number cannot be ignored. Most of them will not be satisfied with sexual intercourse after marriage, so they require for surgical treatment urgently.

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