Four kinds of vegetarian food in winter is better than meat

1 sweet potato

Nutrition analysis: sweet potato belongs to the rich nutrition food. Because of the sweet potato to supply the body with a large number of mucus protein, sugar, vitamin A and vitamin C, so it has S deficiency, spleen and stomach, kidney yin and stomach, stomach, nourishing lung function. Often eat sweet potato can prevent the liver and kidney in connective tissue atrophy, prevent the occurrence of collagen disease.

Four kinds of vegetarian food in winter is better than meat

2: cabbage to enhance the resistance

Nutrition analysis: the content of vitamin C is 3.5 times than tomato, and the content of calcium is 2 times than cucumber. Cabbage contains many trace element molybdenum and manganese, is essential for the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other active substances in raw materials. It can promote the metabolism of the human body, is very conducive to the growth and development of children.

3 carrot: eliminate stagnation, phlegm heat

Nutritional analysis: Chinese medicine believe that the radish can be eliminating stasis, phlegm heat, gas penetration, and detoxification and urination disorders.

4 taro: should be good for spleen and stomach

Nutritional analysis: taro is very rich in starch and other nutrition. And containing milk chitosan, soft and smooth texture, easy to digest, so it is especially suitable for spleen and stomach week function people, suffering from intestinal diseases, tuberculosis and is recovering patients, infants and elderly people is edible.

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