Four hints when eating kelp

Kelp cannot be soaked for a long time.

The kelp food not long time to soak in water. General soak about 6 hours on the line, because the soaking time is too long, the kelp nutrients, such as water soluble vitamins, inorganic salts and so will be dissolved in water, the nutritional value will be reduced. If the seaweed soaked with water is not the same as over cooked.

Do not eat kelp as the staple food.

The kelp cannot be a long-term kelp as a staple food, this will consume too much iodine, will have an impact on the health of the body. And kelp contains a certain amount of arsenic, excessive intake of arsenic can cause poisoning. Therefore, before eating kelp, you should first rinse with water, so as soluble in water.

Four hints when eating kelp

Do not immediately drink tea and fruits after eat kelp

After eating kelp do not immediately drink tea, because the tea contains tannic acid, and do not immediately eat sour fruits due to sour fruit containing plant acid. Because kelp is rich in iron, more than two kinds of food will hinder the absorption of iron in the body.

Special populations careful to eat kelp

Suffering from hyperthyroidism patients do not eat kelp, because the content of iodine in kelp is rich, which will aggravating illness. And the pregnant and lactating women don’t eat kelp. This is because the iodine in kelp can be entered into the fetus and infant with blood circulation, causing thyroid dysfunction.

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