Four Foods should add milk

When people talk about edible method of milk, the answer will be only “drink”. In fact, the milk can not only be “drink”. In a lot of cooking methods, the milk can not only increase the nutrition, but also bring some other role.

Four Foods should add milk

1, add milk in steamed eggs can make more tender

When cook steamed eggs, you can add a few tablespoons of milk at the same time to make the egg, milk and water with the ratio of 1:1:1. With this perfect combination, the interaction of protein in milk and egg protein will be more tender.

2, Milk can remove the fish smell

To make the soup is milky white, the most commonly used method is to boil fish soup after oil fry. If add some milk in fish cooking, it will not only can make delicious soup, but can also remove the smell of fish.

Four Foods should add milk

3, add milk in flour power will be more tenacious

Milk protein can strengthen the dough gluten, so it can make the noodles not easily broken. In fermented flour food, milk contains a large amount of vitamins B and amino acids, which can provide adequate nutrients for yeast leavened dough, to make a better effect, swelling, aroma.

4, Porridge with milk taste more fragrant

The milk boiled together with cereal, these two can not only complementary protein, so the fragrance will be more concentrated. Note that, the best time to add milk is after one or two minutes after the porridge ready, and then boiled for one or two minutes more.

Four Foods should add milk

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