Four factors lead to functional impotence

61RlfQ9ewYL._SY463_There are many psychological causes of impotence, psychological factors erection because everyone is at different environment, experience, mental state or personality characteristics, which will lead different psychological reactions to the same mental. For example, some psychological setbacks that most people may not cause erectile dysfunction, will be pathogenic factors for some specific people. The cause of functional impotence are the following:

(1) Affected during genitals development.

The lack of correct sexual knowledge, and believe the legend, strict parents at home, parents emotional discord, family negative attitude of youth, long-term masturbation, exaggerated understanding of masturbation hazards, may cause the psychological contradiction.

(2) The relationship between marital disharmonies

The wedding night for the first time sexual intercourse fails, lack of understanding pf the characteristics of men and women of different physiological features, both men and women do not cooperate with each other, and there is no mental unpleasantness when sexual intercourse, and hostility to the woman, do not understand, do not trust, the lack of attraction for the man.

(3) Emotional reasons

Fear of sexual life and the worry of penis size, anxiety, depression, guilt and lack of confidence.

(4) Other reasons

Premature ejaculation, body fatigue, malaise, acute disease, anxiety caused by temporary erectile difficulties, iatrogenic effects, medical personnel is not the correct interpretation of the.

In a word, there are many possible factors can cause functional impotence, the clinical impotence to correctly distinguish between mental factors is very difficult, but whether organic or functional impotence, there are always exist mental factors.

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